Australian MX National Wrap-Up


In front of massive crowds at a superbly prepared black sand track, Kawasaki’s Daniel Reardon took out the Pro-Open category of the 2007 Nokia MX Nationals today at Coolum Race Track on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.  Riding with renewed confidence on the day, Cheyne Boyd of CDR/Nokia Yamaha racing team took 1st overall for the final round after a impressive comeback from injury. Shift Motul Suzuki’s Daryl Hurley placed 2nd for the day and Dan Reardon finished 3rd.
Cheyne Boyd was very happy to finish on a high after a difficult few months sidelined by a broken foot.  “It was great to win after last weekend but also after so long out due to injury.  It’s great to finish on a high.  My leg is far from healed though so it will be great to be able to give that a rest.”  As for what’s next, “I’ll head to the United States in the off season to get racing practice in.”
Nokia Pro-Open Class

The first race of the Pro-Opens saw Shift Motul Suzuki’s Daryl Hurley take the holeshot and shoot to an early.  Behind him, Cody Cooper, the No Fear Honda rider who has been going from strength to strength over the last few rounds, kept Hurley in his sights and pushed hard to eventually take lead position which he retained until the end.  This year’s champion Dan Reardon of Kawasaki had to pull off early with goggle problems and only made it back to 10th position by the finish.  Hurley held on behind Cooper to finish 2nd and Troy Carrol of Cool Air Racing Team rode consistently to place 3rd.
After KTM’s Jay Marmont and Cheyne Boyd of CDR/Nokia Yamaha fought for the holeshot, the 1st half of Moto 2 was dominated by Boyd with Reardon breathing down his neck.  The 2nd half however was all Reardon, who took Boyd on lap 10 in a final display of the speed that gave him the 2007 series and secured him a contract in the United States.  Cody Cooper crashed and failed to finish.
Reardon said that the 1st Moto was disappointing.  “I got a good start but was getting heaps of dirt on my goggles from Troy Carrol who was ahead of me.  I crashed, then still couldn’t see so had to pull into the pits and change goggles.  In Moto2 my start wasn’t that good but I felt much better.  I didn’t put pressure on myself and just waited for a clear pass.  To go out on a high like this is awesome”, he said.
After the 1st Moto, Cody Cooper said, “I felt good.  I got a good start and tried to take the lead as fast as possible because the roost was pretty bad.  Towards the end of the race the heat got to me a bit and I felt quire tired so I backed off a bit in order to save energy for the 2nd race.  I felt that Hurley backed off a bit as well.”  About the track, “At the start it was quite flat but as the race went on it got roughed up a bit which made it much better to ride.”
Daryl Hurley’s comeback from a broken collarbone is going as well as could be hoped.  “My shoulder felt OK.  I’m not taking painkillers this weekend for the first time since I broke it so that’s a good sign.  I’ve been riding conservatively as my racing fitness has suffered.  I haven’t been spending any time on the bike in between races in order to reduce the chances of crashing and further injuring my shoulder.  I just wanted to ride well this weekend and try to finish in the top 3. The most important thing to me was not to give up”, he said.
Honda Pro-Lites Class
As decided at round 9, Jake Moss took top honours in the 2007 Nokia MX Nationals along with 1st overall on the day.  Privateer Michael Phillips on his Yamaha came 2nd and Peter Boyle from Shell Honda finished 3rd.
In Moto 1 the holeshot went to Danny Anderson of Shell Honda but a crash not long after meant he was unable to capitalise on his start.  Shell Honda’s Peter Boyle also got a great start and led for most of the race.  But Jake Moss was sitting in 2nd and the 2007 champion was not content to stay there despite already having the series wrapped up.  In the final 3 laps, Boyle got caught behind a lapped rider and Moss flew past to claim yet another win.  Boyle had to settle with 2nd and Lewis Stewart, who rode consistently throughout the race, took a 3rd for his Shell Honda team.
Jake Moss used Moto 2 to show us why he’s number 1 in this year’s Pro-Lites championship.  Moss didn’t need to win today to take out the series, but in Moto 2, he powered from beginning to end in a spectacular performance in his last race on home soil for some time. Holding on for 2nd was Kiwi Michael Phillips on his Yamaha and Michael Addison on his KTM placed 3rd.
Moss said that he felt a lot better in Moto 2 than in Moto 1.  “I didn’t get arm pump the 2nd time around and that made a big difference.  Plus track got rougher which suites me more.  I just went flat out from start to finish which is how I like to ride.”  Moss leaves on Tuesday for America to commence his contract with Yamaha in the American League.  Moss will spend the time between now and then celebrating his win and catching up with family.
Mitch Hoad said that he knew he had to have one decent Moto today to cement his 2nd placing.  “I had nothing to lose in the last Moto.  I am pretty happy with 2nd overall in the championship, especially as I had a pretty inconsistent series”, said Hoad.
Peter Boyle was pleased but relaxed with his 2nd in Moto 1, “I got a good start and went round the first corner 2nd, behind Danny Anderson, then took the lead when Anderson crashed.  I led for the whole race until 3 laps to go when I got caught behind a lapped rider and gave the lead to Moss.  It’s a fun track to ride – I like the loamy sand.”  Speaking about his pre-race preparation, Boyle said, “I didn’t really have a race plan other than to get a good result and finish the series on a good note.”
Michael Phillips said that during Moto 2, he just concentrated on staying behind Moss and riding consistently.  “I’m really pleased with my overall performance in the championship this year.  The track was really demanding but its rough and technical which really suits my style.”
Yamaha Under 19’s Class
Despite not winning a Moto, Brendan Harrison of Serco Yamaha took 1st for the 2007 series today, riding intelligently and conservatively. 
Overall on the day, 1st place went to KTM’s youngest star, Todd Waters.  Kirk Gibbs of Team 07 Yamaha came 2nd and Suzuki’s Lawson Bopping came 3rd.
In Moto 1, Cody Wheeler on his KTM took the holeshot but the race fast became a battle between the top 5 championship riders.  Series leader Brendan Harrison of Serco Yamaha started strong but crashed and sacrificed some placings.  Ferris took advantage of the leader’s misfortune and moved strongly through the pack to catch KTM’s Todd Waters.  In the end, Ferris was too good and took top honours, followed home by Kirk Gibbs of Team 07 Yamaha in 2nd, and Todd Waters in 3rd.
In the 2nd Moto, Todd Waters put in a superior performance leading strongly out in front from the beginning to the end.  After a strong start, Brendan Harrison dropped back to 4th but in doing so, tied up the 2007 Championship.  Suzuki’s Lawson Bopping finished 2nd and Kirk Gibbs placed 3rd.  Dean Ferris unfortunately didn’t finish the race.
2007 Champion Brendan Harrison was ecstatic with his overall win.  “Considering that my broken foot bothered me for the first couple of rounds, I’m really happy with the way its turned out.  I knew I needed 4th in the 2nd Moto today after crashing in the 1st.  Its awesome to take out the U/19’s in the first year it has had its own national championship.”
Ferris said, “I came around the 1st turn about 6th but moved quickly into 3rd.  Todd and Brendan weren’t too far ahead of me and I had to push hard to catch Todd.  Unfortunately Brendan crashed but that’s part of racing.  I made a clean pass on Todd and by that stage I had used most of my 14 tear offs so it was good to be out front.”  Having just finished 3 rounds competing in the Pro-Lites competition, Ferris said that he came back feeling much more confident, “Pro-Lites was an awesome experience.  I trained hard for it and got good results.  I knew that if I was fit enough to do well in that class then I was fit enough for this one.”
Todd Waters said he was disappointed to miss out on number 1 overall but performed with excellence just the same.  “In Moto 2 I got the holeshot and then lead the whole way.  I felt a bit of pressure from the other riders at first but then pulled away.  The U/19’s was a great stepping stone for me but I definitely gained invaluable experience during my time riding in the Pro-Lites.”
2007 AUSTRALIAN MOTOCROSS C’SHIP at Coolum: Rd10: Pro Open Race 1: C Cooper (Honda) 33m06s 1, D Hurley (Suzuki) 33m23s 2, T Carrol (Suzuki) 33m35s 3, C Boyd (Yamaha) 33m40s 4, K Mosig (Honda) 34m05s 5.  Race 2: D Reardon (Kawasaki) 33m32s 1, C Boyd (Yamaha) 33m35s 2, J Marmont (KTM) 33m45s 3, L Ellis (Honda) 33m55s 4, D Hurley (Suzuki) 34m18s 5.  Pro Lites Race 1: J Moss (Yamaha) 32m02s 1, P Boyle (Honda) 32m07s 2, L Stewart (Honda) 32m09s 3, A Monea (KTM) 32m11s 4, L George (Yamaha) 32m14s 5. Race 2: J Moss (Yamaha) 32m24s 1, M Phillips (Yamaha) 32m31s 2, M Addison (KTM) 32m35s 3, M Hoad (Kawasaki) 32m37s 4, L George (Yamaha) 32m37s 5.  Under 19’s Class: Race 1: L Bopping (Suzuki) 23m18s 1, D Ferris (D Ferris) 23m23s, T Waters (KTM) 23.26 3, B Harrison (Yamaha) 23m47s 4, K Gibbs (Yamaha) 23m48s 5. Race 2: T Waters (KTM) 23m19s 1, L Bopping (Suzuki) 23m26s 2, K Gibbs (Yamaha) 23m29s 3, B Harrison (Yamaha) 23m53s 4, J Ringwood (KTM) 24m15s 5.


CHAMPIONSHIP STANDINGS: Pro Open: D Reardon 426 1, D Hurley 367 2, C Cooper 356 3, J Marmont 350 4, T Carroll 260 5.  Pro Lites: J Moss 434 1, M Hoad 321  2, D Anderson 285 3, K Tobin 281 4, M Phillips 271  5. Under 19s Class: B Harrison 293 1, T Waters 291 2, K Gibbs 254, 3, D Ferris 239 4, L Bopping 231 5.

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