Virtual Trainer: On Site at Loretta Lynn's

Although I have grown up around motocross and the Coombs family, I had never been to Loretta Lynn's. The reasons were simple; I was never fast enough to qualify, never had a job in the industry, and always thought that a week on my boat seemed like a better idea than a week in the Tennessee heat. Well, I'm still not fast enough to qualify and I'm still on the fence with the boat thing, but I do have a job/hobby in the industry; Virtual Trainer. With the help of Rob Hill at Man and Machine (the creator of the TransforMx Training System) and two $1,200 Concept2 rowers, I hit the road and headed West for eight hours until I found exit 143 off I-40 west. This is my experience at the greatest race on earth! Visit to read all about it.