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Bench Racing Ammo: RC's Losses


As much of the focus of this weekend’s national will be on Ricky Carmichael breaking the 150-win mark in outdoor motocross, we’ve decided to look back at his career and highlight all of his losses. Throughout his astonishing career, Ricky Carmichael has only lost a total of 25 AMA Nationals, and below is a list of the winner of each of those races. If you’re name is on this list, congratulations, because for one day you were able to top the Greatest of All-Time.

Race RC lost/Winner

1996 – 125cc
Steel City Kevin Windham

1997 -  125cc
High Point – Scott Sheak
Red BudKevin Windham
UnadillaKevin Windham
Troy – Damon Huffman
Steel CityKevin Windham

1998 – 125cc
Hangtown – Steve Lamson
SouthwickJohn Dowd
Broome-Tioga – John Dowd
Steel City – Robbie Reynard

1999 – 125cc
Budds Creek – Tallon Vohland
Washougal – Brock Sellards
MillvilleNick Wey

2000 – 250cc
Hangtown – David Vuillemin
High Point – David Vuillemin
Red Bud – Sebastien Tortelli

2001 – 250cc
Glen HelenTim Ferry
Hangtown – Sebastien Tortelli
High Point – David Vuillemin
WashougalKevin Windham

2002 – 250cc
Perfect season

2003 – 250cc
UnadillaKevin Windham
WashougalKevin Windham

2004 – 250cc
Perfect season

2005 – 250cc
Perfect season

2006 – AMA Motocross
HangtownJames Stewart
WashougalJames Stewart
Glen HelenJames Stewart

Windham put a stop to RC's streak at Unadilla in 2003

Add that up and you will find 13 different riders that were able to stop The GOAT during his 12-year outdoor career. Look closer and you’ll see that only Kevin Windham and David Vuillemin were able to do it consecutively. Now, that’s something to tell the grandkids about.

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