Accomodates Team Profiles


You asked for it, you got it.

Based upon repeated requests....Teams can now post profiles on

Teams can now:

-Set up multiple team member profiles within the main Team Profile.

-Manage and Post Resultz for multiple Team Memberz from 1 login.

-Apply for Sponsorship as a team through SponsorShip Connection.

-Teams are tracked on a new MxResultz Team Rank System.

-Teams can be Browsed by seleting the new Team tab in our existing Browse feature.

It is a great way to get support for groups and efficiently manage each rider's resultz to keep team sponsors in the loop. To set up a Team Profile go to, click on "sign up" and make sure you select "Team" before building your profile. To convert an existing profile simply select "Edit Profile" and select "Team" and you will be prompted to enter the Team Info.

Make sure to check out the Johnson Racing Team Profile.