Loretta Lynn's Jersey Winners


The Racer X crew love to hand out free stuff at the races, and they're back at it for the 2007 AMA Air Nautiques Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn's.  At each race, everyone who visits the Racer X trailer gets a "free" Racer X event sticker for that race.

But that's not it! Also when you sign up or renew your subscription you will get a limited-edition Loretta Lynn's poster, a hard-to-get Team Honda sticker kit from our friends at Throttle Jockey, and a chance to win two Travis Patrana jerseys and a Ivan Tedesco jersey ! If that's not enough, you will also get  the latest issue of Racer X Illustrated (featuring James Stewart).

The jersey winners from Loretta Lynn's are: Roy Barrios III, who will receive Ivan Tedesco's jersey. Chuck Sybert and Tara Evitts will receive the Travis Pastrana jerseys.