Free Gracyk and Alessi Stickers at Millville


Gavin Gracyk and Mike Alessi have been having a break through year in the 2007 Nationals. Gavin has proven each week that he is the best of the true privateers and has been right behind the factory guys at each race. He has been on a mission this summer and his story is truly inspiring. Mike Alessi has arrived in 2007 as a true threat to win at every event. Jeff Alessi has also shown flashes of brilliance and has been running at the front of the motos.

Motorex USA has supported Gavin and his Cycra team since the start of the 2007 series. As the official oil of KTM worldwide, Motorex oil and chemicals are also used by the USA Factory KTM Team.

Motorex USA is based in Golden Valley, Minnesota. To celebrate our “home race” at Millville, we have produced a limited supply of Gavin Gracyk, Mike Alessi, and Jeff Alessi stickers.  You can pick up these stickers for free at the Cycra trailer in the pits, the KTM Factory Semi, the Delano Sports Center/KTM tent in vendor row and also the Racer X booth.