Lake County Fair Update


250 Pro

1. Josh Demuth 2. Tom Hofmaster 3. Adam Chatfield 4. Roy Horton 5. Brad Ripple 6. William Browning 7. Keith Johnson 8. Matthew Maier 9. Tiger Lacey 10. Ryan Beat 11. Ryan Poulter 12. Cameron Lansing 13. Justin Baker 14. Cory Green 15. Matthew Menzer 16. Josh Woods


1. Josh Demuth 2. Erick Vallejo 3. James Povolny 4. Jesse Wise 5. Tom Hofmaster

We also got this report from Dave Deringer regarding Josh Woods:

"Josh was seriously injured during the middle of the 250 Pro final at the Lake County Fair on Wednesday. Eyewitnesses say that he went over the bars, hit the ground hard and was hit by a few riders immediately afterwards. He was motionless, face down for several minutes and the race was stoppped. He was put on a backboard, put into an ambulance and transported to a local hospital, then airlifted to a hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois. Many reports were floating around last night, but as of a few minutes ago, I was told that he has some bleeding in the brain and is listed in Critical, but Stable condition. Please pray for him and local rider Jesse Wise who was injured in the following race. He has more injuries and is listed in the same condition."

Stay tuned to Racer X as we learn more on the conditions of these riders.