Oxtar Boots Changes Name to TCX

July 25, 2007 11:58am

Calabasas Hills, Calif.—Today marks the unveiling of a new brand identity and brand name—TCX®—for products already well established in the motorcycling community under the Oxtar name.

The rebranding of the entire Oxtar line of market-leading boots was spurred by the acquisition of Oxtar S.p.A. by Novation S.p.A. From the onset, TCX will steadfastly maintain the organization’s reputation for excellence and high performance at all levels, starting with R&D and continuing through manufacturing and distribution and culminating with the end-user—knowledgeable riding enthusiasts.

Oxtar has enjoyed its status as the leading brand of motorcycle boots in Europe and the name change to TCX denotes a renewed emphasis on the technical aspects of the full line of products, which have set industry standards for innovation, quality and protection. The new TCX brand also creates a separate, more distinctive identity to clear the way for widespread global trademark usage. Quite fittingly, “Focus On Boots” remains the tagline for TCX products, just as it was with the Oxtar brand.

Novation Motorbike S.p.A. is a newly formed subsidiary of Novation S.p.A., with a specific focus on creating innovative products for the motorcycling market. Novation S.p.A., in turn, enjoys a decades-long heritage as a leader in engineering, research and technical development for sports equipment, casual shoes, work wear, safety shoes, accessories and shoes for sports. Located in Montebelluna, Italy, Novation S.p.A. is highly regarded worldwide for its unparalleled CNC design and molding capabilities in a variety of materials from plastic to steel to carbon fiber. Novation S.p.A. provides technical expertise to many of the world’s great athletic footwear brands.

Armed with this new level of engineering prowess, TCX will be developing and introducing an evolving line of street, off-road and competition products boasting advanced technology and performance features. Helmet House will continue to distribute and support dealers as the transition to the new TCX brand name takes place. The entire staff at Helmet House stands confidently and firmly behind what are recognized as the finest motorcycling boots available today.

Oxtar has enjoyed its status as the leading brand of motorcycle boots in Europe and this name change to TCX reflects the technical advancements that will result from new ownership. As always, our commitment to technology equals performance.