Red Bull X-Fighters ready to Rock Madrid this Friday!

July 24, 2007 12:14pm


Madrid/ Spain, July 24, 2007 – It’s only going to be a few days until ten of the world’s most extraordinary FMX athletes will start the engines of their 250cc bikes to skyrocket through the beautiful and most venerable bullfighting arena of Las Ventas in Madrid, Spain. On Friday, July 27, the event returns to its home turf for the final stop of this year’s Red Bull X-Fighters tour with contests in Mexico City, Mexico and Slane Castle, Ireland, the show is expected to be a true FMX fireworks. May the ultimate battle for the crown of the Red Bull X-Fighters begin!

Superstars, young guns, old friends and up-and-rising rookie talents – anything the international FMX elite has to offer is now getting ready for the last stop of the 2007 Red Bull X-Fighters tour in Madrid! At only 20 years of age, local hero Dany “DT” Torres (ESP) did not only win the Red Bull X-Fighters in Mexico City this year but also came in third at the Slane Castle event. He leads the tour now, and when he rides in Madrid, the support of the enthusiastic Spanish crowd and his urge to become the Red Bull X-Fighters champion 2007 will make him push it to the very limit. Swiss Mat Rebeaud’s progression throughout the tour has been most admirable, too. Having just recovered from a broken femur he became fourth in Mexico City and second at Slane Castle. Freestyle superstar Travis Pastrana (USA) joined the line-up for the Ireland event which he won. And if you know Pastrana, you know that he never rides easy. Expect some crazy tricks in Madrid!

But it’s not only the tour’s current top three who are waiting in the
wings to rock Las Ventas. Japan’s super styler Eigo Sato might be fed up with fifth place and kick it hard in Spain to hit the podium. Nate Adams (USA) took up second place in Mexico but skipped the Ireland contest. Now he returns to Madrid, a place of triumph for him (victory of the Red Bull X-Fighters 2005). With a combination of technique, speed and confidence, Nate is guaranteed to try to gain a top position. And yes, Madrid is where the crowds are notorious for partying and celebrating their heroes like crazy, and as one-fifth of the judging is the spectators’ voice this might be the chance for whip aficionado Ronnie Renner (USA) and his breakdancing skills into a frenzy.

The superstars and old friends will be challenged by a group of aspiring young FMX athletes. French kid Charles Pagès’ pumped-up flip-loaded performance at Slane Castle (7th place) is something even Travis Pastrana was shaking his head about. So watch out for this guy! Known as the “Czech Hammer,” Libor Podmol will definitely try to leave his mark at Las Ventas. The talented Andrè Villa from Norway is expected to bring his much appreciated style, flip combos and lookbacks to Madrid while Aussie boy Matt Schubring’s début at the Red Bull X-Fighters will put on a great show for the crowd!

Charged with energy and positive vibrations, Las Ventas in Madrid is arguably the most beautiful bullfighting arena of the world. The show of the Red Bull X-Fighters will be adapted to the local culture and tradition so the evening of July 27 will be the perfect fusion of the old tradition of bullfighting and the extreme sport of FMX. New to the setup in Madrid is a huge quarterpipe, a spectacular success in the track set-up of the Slane Castle event.

Competing in pairs (but one after the other) each rider has 90 to 120 seconds time to show his skills and impress the judges and audience. Following the first two head-to-head rounds is Rosendo Mercado, one of the best rock ‘n’ roll players in Spain, who will perform and fire up the crowd for the dramatic head-to-head semi-final and final to come.

Canadian FMX legend and head judge Andy Bell will be responsible for overall impression while European Motocross Champion Jimmy Verburgh (BEL) judges variety of tricks & usage of course. FMX pro Fredrik Johansson (SWE) was meant to be in the contest line-up himself but his doctors advised him last minute not to ride due to an injury. However, Fredd (replaced by Matt Schubring in the athletes’ line-up) would never miss the opportunity to be part of the show in Madrid so he will act as the judge for the difficulty and execution of tricks. Paris-Dakar   motorbike racer Marc Coma (ESP) judges style and show aspects while Tonio Liuzzi, Formula1 pilot from Italy, is the spectator’s voice rating the reaction of the crowd. Beware everybody: The adrenaline level is rising, Madrid is getting ready for the Red Bull X-Fighters. May the show begin…- Vamos!

For those who can’t witness the event in Spain’s buzzling capital of Madrid just go to and enjoy the live webcast on July 27, 2007, at 3:30 p.m. ET / 12.30 p.m. PT!