James Marshall Update

As we're all quite aware of, on Saturday, February 11th, 2006, James Marshall was hurt badly while running in in fifth place of the second heat of the San Diego Supercross. It's been a long haul back for the Texan, but he's been chugging along and making great progress. This week, James and trainer Michael Keating were in Carlsbad, California as part as an extensive week-long rehabilitation session.

While in town, Marshall and Keating swung by No Fear's new digs to say hello, check things out and do some shopping. Marshall was in great spirits and in good health, moving full speed ahead on his road to recovery. "I've gotten a lot of feeling back," said Marshall, who was getting along quite well. "I've also been able to move my feet and have a lot of feeling in my legs. I have a long way to go, but I have a lot of faith and confidence I'll be back on my feet. You can never quit, you know?"

While there, Marshall, for the first time, met Skip Norfolk, Jeremy McGrath's mechanic during his MC's dynasty-making years. "Wow, Skip Norfolk," said Marshall upon meeting Norfolk. "I've always wanted to meet you. I've also always wanted to meet [Jeremy] McGrath. He's definitely one of my heroes."

Norfolk, being the good sport he is, hooked Marshall up with MC later that day. Although Marshall has not been to a race since the Vegas Supercross, there is certainly one event approach he won't miss at any cost. "I want to be at the Motocross des Nations at Budds Creek," he said. "There's no way I'm missing that." Maybe promoter and all around good guy Jonathan Beasley can hook a brother up with a pass or two.