What's Your Take?

July 18, 2007 8:52am | by:

Some of you may remember an online feature we used to do called "What's Your Take?," where we'd post a question on racerxill.com and readers would send send us their answers/opinions. We'd pick a selection of the responses and run them in our Mailroom section of the magazine. The problem with this was that we didn't have nearly enough room to run all of the cool responses we'd get, so the whole idea just kind of went away.

Now, thanks to our new MySpace page, we're going to try to bring "What's Your Take" back in a new form. Every Wednesday we'll pose a question/topic here on racerxill.com and at myspace.com/racerxill. If you're a MySpacer, leave us a comment with your opinion. We'll go through all of the responses at the end of the day, and you never know -- your comment may end up in the next issue of Racer X.

This week's question: We're more than halfway into the 2007 AMA Toyota Motocross Championship, and it's been one crazy summer. In your opinion, what's the biggest surprise of the season so far?

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