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July 13, 2007 7:26am | by:

My friend and I would like to know your thoughts on Sarah Whitmore's column where she complains about the WMA not getting an opportunity to race on Sunday at the Nationals and how she is going to lose out on sponsorship money. Correct me if I am wrong but, don't people go to the nationals to watch the AMA Lites and Motocross riders race?  When I am paying a thousand dollars for airline, rental car, hotel and tickets to a race it's not to watch a bunch of women roll around the track.  It's to watch riders, in awe, as they make the difficult look easy.


Dear Ed,

Ed is mad because Sarah is faster

photo: Simon Cudby

You dirty, narrow-minded, male chauvinist pig. That is completely sexist and inappropriate. (That was to keep “White Chocolate” and our female readers from jumping me at the next race I attend) The truth is that the women’s race can be fun to watch, especially if Jessica “UFC” Patterson starts throwing punches like a Fox-clad Tito Ortiz with mammary glands after the moto. And they do have more value to sponsors if they are racing as part of the men’s races because more people are watching them race, even if it is just by virtue of close proximity. And I think they should be able to make some money from their sponsors. Sure, the main show is certainly the Lites and Motocross riders but what’s wrong with throwing in the gals here and there? Let me ask you this… Can you ride as fast as those women? Or is that what’s making you so angry?


Ping-  first off, love the column. Recently you replied to an email about tracks shutting down in Orange County, at the end of the reply you said "get out of California as fast as you can."  Sounds great and all but I ask you please to never say things like that ever again. I am from Montana, not unlike yourself, and I would hope that you have noticed the massive growth in North Idaho and Montana regions.  Because if you have been up I-15 past Utah you have noticed the moving trucks coming from California by the convoy.  So please don't encourage the tree-hugging, democratic liberals that fill California to move and spoil the rest of the western states. We’re running out of places normal people can live.
Max Horner

Dear Max,
Let me clarify that statement because I think some people may have gotten the wrong idea. What I meant was that people should leave California and go anywhere but Montana. In fact, everything west of the Rockies is pretty much off limits. My suggestion is that folks head someplace super-sweet like Arkansas or, like, Oklahoma. Or, if you want to live somewhere with a funny name, take up residence in Troy Adam’s hometown of Homosassa, Florida. Try saying that without giggling… You can’t do it! Homosassa. That’s just plain funny.
     There, Max, I hope that helps. You know what, though? Even if people did decide to try out life in Big Sky Country, they would come running back to southern California’s smoggy mess after one Montana winter. I think we’re going to be okay.

Hey Ping,
I'm 17 years old and love riding i sneak out to the tracks when I can but my parents are goofs and hate the idea of me racing. Can you help to get through there thick skull that racing isn't all about 4th gear soil samples that lead to a trip to the hospital?

MX is a great sport for the entire family

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Dear Brad,
So, they don’t want you to participate in a family-oriented sport that teaches kids about work ethic, discipline, sportsmanship and competition? Maybe you should tell them that if they aren’t willing to support you then you’ll just start hanging out with the local high school burnouts and partying every single weekend. You might end up drinking alcohol, smoking, doing drugs and maybe even picking up a nice little criminal record from your delinquent escapades but at least you won’t crash on a motorcycle. Nice work, mom and dad; way to think that one through.
     Honestly, Brad, your parents think they are doing the right thing for you and that is commendable. The problem is that they don’t understand the sport of motocross. Get them out to a race or two and explain to them that not only is it a sport that you are passionate about but it is something you can do as a family. I don’t know how they can argue with that.