DMXS Tonight


Damon Bradshaw won the Rookie of the Year honors in 2007. How in the hell can that be? Well, it was for his very impressive first season behind the wheel of the US Air Force-sponsored monster truck, Afterburner. Damon is still traveling the country for appearance events after the finals in Vegas, but will saddle back up soon enough. The ever-popular Supercross star is looking to see where his racing career will lead him in the future. Maybe we will see him lined up against MC, and Carmichael for the penultimate four-wheeled moto. Damon will join us tonight from his home somewhere in Idaho.

Ivan Tedesco was set to carry the torch for Suzuki after Carmichael’s departure this summer, but rumors have Hotsauce changing teams for next year. We will get to the bottom of this, find out where things stand, and separate fact from fiction, leave no stone unturned, all in the same damn interview.

I have to admit that Broc "The Hulk" Hepler holds a special place here at DMXS. We have followed his career from the beginning and always pulled for our East coast brother no matter what team he was riding for. We all took a deep breath when he suffered a serious blow to the melon that had him out the entire year until now. He plans on making his comeback at Dilla this weekend and we will hear about his injury and the long road back. I think everyone can learn something from his example in taking sufficient time off after a concussion. Welcome back Broc!

I have been on the phone with the INS all morning trying to confirm the nationality status of one Tucker Joe Hibbert. Rumors continue to swirl around the likeable Canadian/American rider who just happened to take a win last week at the Calgary National on a Cernic’s Kawasaki. Hmmmm. We have devised a foolproof test that will once and for all determine what side of the border he is actually from. I do want to squash one rumor that Tucker denounced his Canadian citizenship after finding out that Steve Matthes was from there. While we can totally understand why someone would want to do that, it’s not true in this case. Tune in to find out where the Calgary National winning, snowmobile riding, hockey fan is from. He swears he bleeds red, white, and blue, but we will see. Check out

Racer X has reinvented the wheel yet again with their popular Motocross Shows from the nationals. Wes Williams and his crew have captured all the action and magic with their cameras while DC and Weege have done a great job hosting. With such detailed and timely coverage and live web coverage of some races, the nationals are getting the attention and respect they deserve. Oh, yeah, Weege is on the show tonight too.

Say a prayer for Jeff Dement. He is still in the ICU after a horrible crash last week.

Wednesday night 8 - 11 PM EST