RJ and Tortelli Announce New MX School


1205 Burton RD    Perris CA 92570    Tel: (951) 657 7441

• ChampFactory’s state-of-the-art instructional and training program was conceived and refined by 7-time AMA National Champion Rick ‘RJ’ Johnson and 2-time World Champion and Sebastien ‘Seb’ Tortelli.

• ChampFactory maintains it’s own one of a kind 28-acre, multi-track motocross training and racing compound located at Perris, California.

• ChampFactory provides students from around the world an intense learning and training environment unlike any other.  Under the tutelage of Johnson and Tortelli students will learn the secrets of championship racing from guys who have occupied the pinnacle of motocross. Students will be coached and trained to maximize on their talents, identify areas of deficiency, and develop their own winning skill set that will elevate them to the highest level.

• Johnson and Tortelli are deeply committed to working to develop the champions of tomorrow. They firmly believe that only through an intensely focused program like ChampFactory will make that goal attainable.

• For more information and sign up visit: www.perrisraceway.com and click on  ChampFactory MX School