"ALJ" Fuel Injection For The FCR Carb

July 9, 2007 9:24am

DALLAS, TX, JULY 6, 2007:  Merge Racing Technologies has produced a kit to provide external fuel flow adjustment on the FCR carburetor to reduce bogging on 4-stroke motorcycles, and make them easier to start.

Rapidly opening the throttle of a 4 stroke engine drastically increases the amount of air in the fuel mixture. If the accelerator pump doesn’t supply enough fuel at that moment, the bike will bog or hesitate. The current solution is to disassemble the carb and change the leak jet to the appropriate size based on altitude, temperature and track conditions.  Instead of all of the work to change a leak jet most riders run rich jetting to overcompensate, which reduces power and makes the bike hard to start.  Some riders reduce the size of the carburetor with a stuffer to try and eliminate the hesitation, which also reduces power. 

The Merge ALJ (Adjustable Leak Jet) allows the rider to control the amount of excess fuel that flows back into the float bowl which gives you the ability to externally correct the fuel mixture for altitude, temperature and track conditions with just a screw driver.  The Merge ALJ incorporates this feature within the diaphragm cover so it retains the various models of the OEM float bowl, and more importantly relocates the one way check valve to the bottom of the carb where it closes with inertia allowing the pump to function correctly.

“Now that the fuel supply can easily be adjusted to the correct level, riders don’t have to run their 4 strokes so rich,” states Jim Lewis.  “The carburetor can now be jetted to optimum settings which will result in an increase in horsepower.  Most of the pros we have tested with on stock motorcycles thought we had added a head and cam due to the increase in horsepower.  They are impressed with the instantaneous throttle response and like how much easier the bikes are to start.”

The Merge ALJ kit fits all motorcycle and ATVs with a FCR carb.  The ALJ will be available at dealerships in late July.  Tucker Rocky is the exclusive distributor for Merge Racing Technologies.  The Merge Racing Technologies ALJ is Patent Pending.

About Merge

Merge Racing Technologies LP is a partnership formed between Jim Lewis and Michael Holigan.  Jim is formerly the Director of R&D at White Brothers.  Prior to coming to the USA Jim was a GP mechanic at Kawasaki and KTM.  Michael was the owner of Holigan Racing which competed in the AMA Supercross and Motocross Series.