Privateer Profile: Ricky Renner

July 5, 2007 7:57am

There’s a long history of brothers that race. Damon and Zach Bradshaw, Ivan and Gio Tedesco, Keith and Kevin Johnson, Mike and Jeff Alessi, and Malcolm and James Stewart are just a few. But seldom does the younger sibling make it farther in the sport than the older brother. In 2007, Ricky Renner is already doing what his older brother, FMX star Ronnie Renner, could never do. Ricky, who is this week's Racer X Rider of the Week, has improved every week to the point where he is on the cusp of breaking into the top-ten in the competitive Lites division. His first moto at Red Bud he finished eleventh and despite a DNF in the second moto due to a twisted ankle, Ricky’s motivated to finish the summer off strong.

Racer X: How has 2007 been going for you?
Ricky Renner: Supercross was good. I did better than I expected, I guess. I qualified for five out of seven of my mains on the east coast. Looking back I feel like I could’ve done a little better. Outdoors started off really rough at Hangtown. I was the alternate and didn’t get to practice on Sunday. Then I got 31st in the first moto and 20th in the second; earned my first national point ever, so I guess that was cool. High Point went better; I finished 17th. Then at Southwick I was thinking I was going to do well. I got 15th in the first moto after a crash. In the second moto I was running inside the top ten and had some bike problems. That happens in the sand with a lot of people. Three weekends in a row I ended up 21st overall, even after Budds Creek. So, I was looking for a top twenty. Last weekend in Red Bud I got an eleventh the first moto and it was looking good. Then in the second moto I sprained my ankle and screwed my overall up.

How did you hurt it?
I just caught it in one of the deep ruts coming down a hill. My foot caught the rut and just twisted off the peg. I got it looked at and nothing is broken. I just have to stay off it for a few days and I’ll be fine.

How did you get hooked up with Ryan Clark’s Solitaire team?
I don’t even know how it happened. I was overseas in Germany doing some races there. Clark got a hold of my dad and set the whole thing up. When I got home it was a done deal. That was pretty sweet.

You liking it over there?
Yeah, it’s great. I just had a supercross-only deal to fill in for Jiri Dostal when he got hurt. Then they wanted to keep me around for the summer so we did a national deal. It’s a great opportunity for me this year. It’s really relaxed and all the guys over there are super-cool. I like it.

Ricky Renner has been impressive thus far in 2007

It seems like you keep improving every year and every race even. That has to be motivating.
Yeah, definitely. Every race I’ve finished better than the previous weekend. That’s what I want to keep doing.

Where are you and your brother from in Florida?
We grew up in a place called New Port Richie.

What’s the age difference between you two?
We’re 12 years apart. I got into racing because of him. I used to watch him ride at Dade City all the time and wanted to race.

So, he’s a lot older than you. Is that why he doesn’t back flip anymore?
[Laughs] Well, he started doing them again. I guess when you turn 30 you have to start doing them again. He got a foam pit at his place in California and he started doing them again.

Have you done any freestyle with him? What do you think of that sport?
I think they are all crazy. I jumped a ramp before at about 20 feet. I did the first ever tear-off pull in the history of freestyle motocross. I claimed that trick.

Nice. You have any embarrassing stories about Ronnie?
I can’t think of anything right now.

Let us know. What are your goals for the rest of the summer?
My main goal is to get in the top ten every weekend. I was close last weekend with an eleventh so I just need to keep improving.

What is your biggest weakness right now?
My starts are probably my biggest problem. I keep starting from the back and spending the whole moto coming through the pack. I need to qualify a little better in the morning to get a better gate pick and then get off the line better so I can start up there with those guys.

Who do you want to thank?
My dad for hooking up the Team Solitaire deal, Ryan for giving me the opportunity, my mechanic JR, my brother Ronnie and every company that supports the Solitaire team.

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