MxResultz Launches Second Phase of MxResultz 2.0

July 5, 2007 8:19am

After an ultra successful launch to the first phase or MxResultz 2.0, which included the introduction of SponsorShip Connection, MXR has released the second of three phases which includes:

1. A new look to the MXR race resultz email notifications that let you know your racer posted new resultz. The new notices include Industry News and Current Pro Race Resultz.
2. Click on any result or browse any profile and you now have the ability to message any Racer or Sponsor on the site, even if you are not a member.
3. The reintroduction of a new and improved RaceRewardz store that allows you to spend RaceRewardz on Parts Unlimited products.

The final phase of MxResultz 2.0 will include the introduction of the MxResultz Debit Cards and the E-Commerce Super-Fan Online Stores MXR memberz will set up within their profiles to sell customized products and raise money to support their racing efforts. 

The complete MxResultz 2.0 package will represent the ultimate tool in managing all aspects of any successful MotoCross Racing program including Marketing and Promotion, Sponsorship, Fundraising, Competitive Purchasing, Industry Networking, Race Scheduling, Custom Product Merchandizing and Sales, and much much more. All in one spot, in an easy to use format.

Check out to see all the new features.