Racer X Holeshot Award

July 3, 2007 5:45am
The curious slump of holeshot artist Mike Alessi is finally over. His lack of holeshots stretched all the way from early in the Amp'd Mobile Supercross Series, through the first four rounds of the AMA Toyota Motocross Championships presented by FMF. But #800 broke out of it in a big way at RedBud on Sunday, nailing both Moto-Tees Holeshot Bonuses on his Red Bull KTM in the AMA Motocross class and then putting on what were arguably the best outdoor rides of his career. While he didn't win the overall or runner-up spots -- Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart claimed those -- he did manage a solid 3-3 performance and a spot on the podium.

Motocross - Moto 1

Alessi even led the first lap of both motos, then gave Stewart a brief charge on the second lap after the Monster Kawasaki rider went past him for the lead!

Motocross - Moto 2

In the Lites, Sobe No Fear/Samsung Honda rider Josh Grant snatched up the first Racer X Holeshot Award but then bobbled on the first lap and lost his drive.

Lites - Moto 1

The second time out, it was Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider Ben Townley snatching up the start, only to succumb to the pressure of his teammate and title rival Ryan Villopoto

Lites - Moto 2

Each recipient of the holeshot bonus receives a check for $250 from either Moto-Tees (AMA Motocross class) or Racer X (Lites).

Hangtown Holeshots
Moto 1: Josh Grant    Moto 2: Ben Townley
AMA Motocross:
Moto 1: James Stewart    Moto 2: Davi Millsaps

High Point Holeshots
Moto 1: Ryan Dungey     Moto 2: Josh Grant
AMA Motocross
Moto 1: Davi Millsaps     Moto 2: Davi Millsaps 

Southwick Holeshots

Moto 1: Ryan Villopoto    Moto 2: Ryan Dungey 

AMA Motocross
Moto 1: James Stewart   Moto 2: Ricky Carmichael

Budds Creek Holeshots

Moto 1: Josh Grant         Moto 2: Ryan Villopoto

AMA Motocross
Moto 1: James Stewart  Moto 2: James Stewart