Update on Jake Windham Injury


Jake Windham
photo: Steve Densmore
We just received this note from Royce Windham, the father of popular freestyle motocross rider Jake "The Jailer" Windham, who was injured last week while practicing for a show at the San Diego Fair:

I am Jake Windham's dad, Royce Windham. As you might have already heard, Jake crashed very hard while doing a show at the San Diego State Fair for Red Bull and TNT (Jeff Tilton). I have been told that there are several different stories floating around that go all the way to Jake dying. So, while I have a few minutes from the hospital, I thought that I would try and put out the truth.

Jake was practicing at the San Diego Fair, prior to the scheduled shows later that day. He had been having trouble with his bike, which is actually his back-up bike because his normal bike is back east on a trailer. He did a back flip and landed very hard and decided to give it another shot. That's when something went very bad. Although he cleared the ramp, he had not completed his rotation.

Although it appeared that he might save it, or at least only crash without much harm, Jake was seriously injured. He was taken to a hospital in San Diego where the staff gave him excellent care. Later that night he was transferred to their ICU and has been there since. Right now he is in surgery again, but prior to this surgery he was in stable condition. His injuries include two fractured bones in his right leg, a fractured right foot, bruised left lung, broken right collar bone, three fractures in his lower jaw and several fractures around his right eye orbit.

Needless to say, he is in some very bad shape, however, his doctors say he is improving.

One other note I would like to mention is that Jeff Tilton and Red Bull have been taking care of Jake's mom and I, as well as his girlfriend Jessica. They are covering our rooms down here and have just been great helping us out.

Royce D. Windham