Bel-Ray Introduces Vintage T-Shirt

July 2, 2007 10:31am

July 2007—Hot, hot, hot!!! Bel-Ray Company, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of a vintage-logo t-shirt for 2007 and beyond.

Available in adult and children sizes and in multiple colors, the
t-shirt features an authentic cool Bel-Ray logo from the 1970s.
“Vintage and classic designs are big in the fashion world right
now, especially with regard to old logos and brands,” says
Bel-Ray’s International Relations Coordinator, Anna Roberts.

“We have a unique edge in that Bel-Ray is a real, authentic brand
from the very era that is popular among designers these days. Our vintage t-shirt should appeal, not only to motorcyclists, but to the general public as well.”

Long sleeve t-shirts, tank tops and hooded sweatshirts are also
available. Bel-Ray intends to add more designs to their logo fashion clothing in the future. These items can be seen and purchased online right here.