My First Bike...Geoff Walters

June 30, 2007 4:17pm | by:

Here’s a picture of me on my 1982 Suzuki RM 80, which I got it when I was twelve years old. It’s really my second bike because the first one I had never really ran so I never had a chance to ride it much. This bike was sweet, though, and I got in the summer of ’83. I raced this bike about 10 times in 1985 in the 80cc Beginner class.

Man, I have so many cool stories, but the one that stands out is when my dad’s friend thought I was joking about how fast this thing would go. He was an old-school desert guy so he jumped on it, started grabbing gears, and looped the thing out! I laughed so hard that I had tears running out of my eyes. Those were the good old days and I can’t thank my father enough for buying me that bike even though my mom didn’t approve of it.