Privateer Profile: Daniel Sani

June 21, 2007 5:37am

Daniel Sani is living the privateer dream. The northern California native has been hanging on by a thread, getting rides with smaller race teams from season to season. After spending the Supercross season with a small Honda dealership team, Sani got an offer to join the Lucas Oils crew for the summer. It is a great opportunity for Daniel and he plans on making the best of it. Show him and his sponsors some love by clicking on the links below.

Daniel Sani is currently 19th in the Lites class points

Racer X: How has your season been going?
Daniel Sani: Well, since I started riding for the Lucas Oils team I’ve been just getting used to the bikes. I had to switch brands so it is taking me some time. Hangtown was my first race and I feel like I’m getting better and better. I’m super-comfortable on the bike. I’ve been working hard and the season has been good so far. I’ve had a couple mistakes in some of the motos but I’m having fun.

What team were you riding for in Supercross?
It was just a small Honda privateer team that Fox was backing. It was good but I had to leave. It was a last-minute deal.

How is the Lucas Oils team working out?
They are good. I like the bikes a lot and all the guys on the team are super-cool. Tickle and Klatt and those guys are all cool, so it’s a fun team.

How have you been finishing in the first few rounds?
It’s been going pretty good. I got a twelfth in the first moto at Budds Creek and that was pretty good. I had a couple things I needed to work out on the bike that were holding me back in the first couple rounds. Now, I think I’ve got it handled and I’m stoked on the bike. I’m looking forward to the rest of the races.

Daniel's best moto finish thus far is an 11th in the first moto at Southwick

I heard you slept in your car at the last round.
Yeah, well, I have to pay for all my hotels and my flight was so early in the morning on Monday I thought it would be a waste to pay for a room. So, I just crashed in my rental car until 4:00am and then headed to the airport. I saved myself $150 right there. I don’t really care about that stuff. I kind of have fun doing that kind of stuff. I mean, I feel like crap now; I’m tired. But I don’t mind the traveling.

What do you have going on during the break?
I’m heading to Mammoth this week for the race. I’m just racing the lites class to get a little practice and some high altitude training in for Colorado.

You are doing all the rounds of the nationals this summer?
Yeah, I’m signed up with the Lucas Oils team for the summer. It is an awesome opportunity they gave me and I’m pretty pumped on that.

You have anything else planned this summer?
No, just putting my head down and get some good results. I want to get a good national number and then get ready for Supercross next year. I’m trying to get a couple Supercross tracks going up where I live so I have some practice tracks this winter.

Sani went from dead last to 12th at Budds Creek after he crashed off the start in the first moto

Where do you live up there?
I’m from the central valley; near Yosemite and Fresno. It’s cool up there.

I’ve seen you running Metal Mulisha stickers. Are you one of the troops?
Yeah, they hook me up and help pay for some of my journeys. I was just riding with them and busting jumps in the hills and I just started hanging out. They are just cool guys. They are fun to hang with. Potter, Jeremy and Fitzpatrick; they have a cool freeride place out there when you don’t feel like riding a track.

Are you going to get into some ultimate fighting?
I don’t think so. I’m not one to be fighting.

Who would win in a cage fight: you or Hanny?
I don’t know, dude. That guy is like a spider monkey; his arms are so long! We have some boxing gloves out there so maybe we should throw them on.

What other sponsors have your back?
Lucas Oils, Yamaha, Star Racing and everyone who supports the team, thanks!

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