DMXS Tonight


Grant Langston is tied for third in points after Budds Creek and has revitalized his season with an impressive podium at Southwick. We all know the top two are on a different level, but the rest of the class is deep. Grant will give us his take on the recent track controversy and the rest of his season as the summer tour continues.

It’s no secret that we have a man-crush on Nick Wey. Our favorite Michigonianette has had a rough year after dislocating his thumb in SX, but will we give him some love tonight. Nick is training so hard that he skipped his MSR photo shoot in Cali and just went down to the local Sears and had some shots taken there. He chose the Fall foliage background with the hay bales and bought the back-to-school pack with a free 8 x 11. It will go nicely in our studio.

David Bailey stirred the pot last show with his outspoken opinions on the latest SX-only trend and we received a flood of emails thanking him for taking a stand. DB’s health is finally on the upswing and he is interested in helping some kids again navigate the minefield that is amateur and professional racing. He is offering a service where you can send him a riding tape and he will break it down one-on-one with you. That is a great deal with Loretta Lynn’s approaching ad some valuable time with The Little Professor. You can contact David at for more information."

Branden Jesseman was one bad finish from being in the hunt for an East coast Lites title but an injury has the popular former champion down for a few rounds this summer. He proved he still has the speed and hopes to turn that renewed momentum into a ride for next year. We will check in with Branden tonight.

Rupert X Pellet and his witty perspective are a refreshing addition to the normal, politically correct banter that usually passes as MX news. He is gooder with the words than most of us and his dramatic use of the double space leave lesser men speechless. It is time to rip the curtain back on OZ tonight and let you hear the voice behind the pen. This took several years and two llamas trading hands to happen, but it finally did.

Ryan Mills has been a long time friend of the show and when he came back across the pond we wanted to get his side of the story. The former GP MX2 rider parted ways with Martin Honda and is contesting some nationals on his own this summer. Obviously, there are not too many rides available after the outdoors started, but Ryan is hoping to get back on the radar before silly- season.

Broc Tickle "Me Elmo" is turning some heads and dicing with some of the Factory boys this season. The former amateur champion and Serious Racewear graduate landed a Lucas Oil/Yamaha ride and is making the most out the opportunity sitting eighth in points. We have covered Broc for years and look forward to hearing from our little bro tonight.

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