Monday Conversation: Josh Coppins

June 18, 2007 1:16pm

Josh Coppins got another GP win on the weekend and while several riders took it to the New Zealander the final result was similar to so many rounds of the MX1 championship this year. The Rinaldi Yamaha rider is working hard in the week and his weekends have been fun. Under really hot conditions Coppins captured 2-1 results and moved to 97 points ahead of second placed Steve Ramon. Is there any stopping the kiwi? We talked to him after the Bulgarian Grand Prix. Josh, how did you feel out there. You looked more comfortable than in France?
Josh Coppins: I felt pretty good, I blew the start a little bit, just spun on the gate, but I came in tight and came out of the first corner okay. They put down some water and it was really hard and and slippery. I made a mistake and lost a place to Ramon and Philippaerts. What I am thinking is, like lets rock and roll, lets get these boys. The track was easy today, it was really fast. I got Philippaerts, but Barragan was gone, then I made a mistake and had to settle for second.

Second moto went better for you. How did it feel?
Second moto I started behind Brownie, passed him just after the finish of the first lap. He was fast for the first two laps, but he can't maintain it, still a good speed, but a little stop and start. I pulled a good lead and I controlled the race from there.

After losing to Steve in France everyone was giving him a shot at winning his first GP. How was Steve in Bulgaria?
I rode crappy in France and I struggled in the second race and I wanted to show that I am strong in the second race and I wanted to keep the overall. I wanted to win and I needed to win the second heat. Steve is riding well, he nearly landed on me at one time, but he is going well, he has come good in the last two races, but in saying that, it's GP seven and eight and I am 97 points ahead, so it's a little late.

What are you doing during the week, with so many GPs are you taking it a little easy?
I train during the week, spending a lot of time in Italy. I mean it's my first year on Yamaha and we are always doing stuff. This was the first track we have been to that is similar to what we raced on already (France). It's the first time we didn't change the bike a lot. I could just concentrate on doing good laps and I felt more comfortable. You are always listening to the team, because I don't know what the bike will do on some tracks, and they do. I have to thank them for that, because we did well. I ride most days, ride Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then we go to the races. I have been working hard because I knew we would be coming to tracks with warm conditions like here and in France. I also do motos, then sprints, mix it up a little.

Riders like Cairoli are already talking about the Motocross of Nations. Will you do Glen Helen or any preparation for that race?
I won't do Glen Helen; I'll do a round of the British championship and a round of the Belgian championship because there is some time between our last round of the championship and the Motocross of Nations.

Can you run with RC and Stewart?
I want to do well there. I think there is no reason why I can't run with RC and Stewart for the first few laps and see what happens. I think Stefan showed last year that our speed isn't much slower than theirs and I want to go there as World champion and do well. I have had a couple of bad years at the MXoN and I want to really do well this year. With Ben riding well I think we have another good chance of podium.