Number Cruncher Redux: #100


Jimmy Albertson

Hey Andy this is Gabe Herndon. I had some follow ups to the #100. Local boy Jimmy Albertson used 100 for his fair share of amateur titles. Here are a few pictures.


Just wanted to send in a few good pics of dirtracker Rich King, who rode with #100 during the ’03 season. The reason why he rode with #100, instead of his usual # of 80, is because while riding for the factory Harley Dirt Track team, they wanted to use this number to acknowledge the fact of Harley’s 100 year anniversary, in 2003.

Rick King

This photo is of Rich jumping his 750 Harley over the jump at the famed Peoria T.T. (a serious thing to do, since all Dirtrackers weigh about 325 lbs.)

Rick Conley

Bob Gallup ran #100 in District 3 in the early 80's.  Full on Hannah HRP Clone. Gear, bike etc. He went pretty well if I recall.
Josh Heintz
Chester Springs, PA

Hi Andy,
How about 1995, Donny Schmit on a Honda of Troy bike, just for the fun of it, gets fourth overall at Millville. There was a picture of one of the holeshots in MXA. I remember Donny was WAY out in front.  I know you've got connections, if you could find that photo, that would be awesome.

Thanks for your time,
Broc Siems

Hello, I have some photos for you
Mike Kiedrowski with Team Honda of Troy in SX 1997. Alex Puzar in World Championship 1997 with his Italian bike TM ; he finished 2nd in the overall (first picture is by my friend Stefano Spadavecchia, he works for Dirt Bike magazine.)
Daniele Sinatra

Mike Kiedrowski

Alex Puzar

Nice job on recounting the # 100....I've had special involvement with 3 of these guys myself.

1) Mike Brown in '98 as his mechanic....also, he's the best rider/mechanic I know, he can do it.

2) Ernesto Fonseca in '99-'01 as engine builder. He's an awesome guy. It kills me to see him now, but he'll pull through. He's that tough and he's a winner.

3) Josh Hansen in '02-'03 as engine builder and now at KTM. What talent! Pull it together, please!
Anyhow, it's cool to read these articles and this one has good memories for me.
Dean Baker