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if a guy has the number 1 on his bike... does his number plate really need  to be red?  Doesn't the number 1 pretty much say it all.  Just wondering.


Dear Pfetz,

Did he get the holeshot?

photo: Steve Bruhn

I’ve got to agree with you, Pfetz, it seems a bit redundant for Ryan Villopoto to be running a red background while he’s got a fat number one on the plate. But this rule was created for guys like RC that want to stick with their trademarked digit. That way, fans that don’t follow the sport so closely will know that they are the current champs. I think we should take a hint from the Tour de France and make our current points leaders wear a polka-dot jersey. Maybe have the guy that gets the holeshot wear pink? If you get in a fight you have to wear foam Metal Mulisha spikes on your helmet and chest protector so everyone knows you are a scrapper. You know, mix it up a little. I’ll run it by the AMA.


Do you even read these emails or do you have your assistant take care of it for you? Here's my real question. When will be able to see race results on Sportscenter. Its lame that they show scores on womens college softball, lacrossse, even hot dog eating, those aren't even sports. Is our sport not "mainstream" enough to get some play on ESPN, they report on other crap that knowone even cares about. Have your people talk to their people and see what you can do. Thanks bro.
Smitty in SLC

Dear Smitty,

Tonight on ESPN...

I don’t have “people.” I have to sort through emails like every other jerk stuck behind a desk all day. And the only thing I want at the end of the day is to sit down and catch up on motocross highlights on Sportscenter. But, guess what? ESPN doesn’t give two squirts of piss about motocross. To those folks, anything that doesn’t have a stick or a ball or isn’t part of college curriculum is not considered a sport. But when you absolutely have to know who the current hot dog eating champion is, how many types of steroids Barry Bonds was on or who won the women’s rowing tournament in the Connecticut state finals then tune in! Oh boy, am I excited for tonight’s program! Let’s just hope that someone over there starts to see the Supercross lights sometime soon and gets us in the program.



I have a question about you racing in the ama supermoto series... I notice that all the old pro motocrossers/roadracers/dirt trackers ride the 450 class (jeff ward, burkhart, henry) you know, guys like that. Then you have the lites class wtih a bunch of up and coming amatuers like currie, dimick, seiver and even a girl andrea walsdorf! What the heck are you doing in that class? shouldnt you be riding with the big boys? You talk smack about me trying to ride with them at X games but I dont see you riding with them? isnt that the class you should be riding?
also, cut out the smack talk and act a little more your age! its not intimidating its just annoying and immature! It makes it even more immature when you have a 15 year old kid telling you this! haha
If you were a real man all of this will be on racer x in the ask ping section! Ill be checking to see if it goes up...and so will everyone else in the industry!

Dear El Nino,

Cherry picker?

photo: Carl Stone

Okay, I get it; you are upset because in last years X Games supermoto story I took a shot at you. Look, junior, you didn’t belong out there. I’m not sure who on the invite committee let you slip through the cracks but that would be like me skating out onto the ice for a game of the Stanley Cup finals even though my hockey experience is limited to rollerblading with a stick and a tennis ball. You were out of your league and you know it. They black-flagged you after two laps because you were a hazard to yourself and the other riders. Maybe you should have raced the Lites class at some of the nationals first to figure the sport out before you jumped into the biggest race of the year. That is exactly what I’m doing. And that is what Mark Burkhart and Cassidy Anderson did before me so don’t try to make it sound like I’m cherry picking. This is my first year racing the series. And if you are such a talented rider then where the hell are you? I haven’t seen you at any of the rounds. I’ll tell you what; just to show there are no hard feelings I’ll buy you a soda and some cotton candy if I see you at the X Games this summer.
Adios, El Nino.


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