Your Collection

June 9, 2007 2:26pm

This week's collection comes from Steve Hammer of San Gabriel, California.

"Here is my collection of Red Racers that currently uses up all of the space in my garage (it's great to have an understanding wife).

My pride and joy is the 1965 Twin Port 250 CZ (CZ Red) that I've owned since 1968. It's a little bit of work in progress and about 90 percent restored at this point. I have to thank Bertus at Jawa-CZ Motorcycles in Glendora for the parts needed to get it back together. I also have the legend Max Switzer working on the needed flywheel and then it'll be complete. Also, special thanks to my late brother for storing it away in his garage for years. Otherwise I might not have it today!

Back in the late 60s I had to get a CZ after watching Joel Robert, Roger DeCoster and Dave Bickers at the Hopetown GP classic.  It was this that converted a bunch of us Shamrock desert racers into moto guys. We were all blown away the year prior when Torsten Hallman came over from Sweden smoked everyone (except Malcolm).

Anybody remember Deadman's Point? This may have been the first fully man-made motocross/supercross track in California. I remember meeting a skinny kid on a tricked out pipey Suzuki that had more horsepower than most of us at Deadmans. Donnie Emler is still in his element, making horsepower at his Flying Machine Factory. A few other notables that got their start at Deadmans were my good friend Bryar Holcomb (Factory Effex) and Bruce Baron (CZ Factory Rider). I've always wanted a side pipe 250 CZ and someday I might have to add one to the collection.

 Also pictured is a very low mileage 1973 250 Honda Elsinore (with the original Dunlop's), a 1974 250 Honda Elsinore, a 1984 Honda CR500 (last of the air-cooled) and a 1975 Honda XR75. In the back is the quiver of new stuff (red of course).

I'm still amazed at how fast the old air-cooled Hondas are and how much better the brakes are today. The CR500 will put your eyeballs in the back of your head---nothing like the thrill of a big bore 500!"

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