Andy Harrington Podiums in 1st Ever UTV Race

June 3, 2007-El Cajon, CA- Regis "Andy" Harrington, former factory supercross racer, Hollywood stuntman and X-games MX freestyle head judge has found a new passion. After hearing the buzz about some UTV racing, Regis had to see first hand what it was all about so he attended a race at Lake Elsinore Motocross Park put on by Podium Productions to watch the action. Within minutes Regis was hooked.

After watching all the classes, he saw that the premier class would in fact be the Super- Stock class. This class allows you to bolt on some aftermarket parts, but still keep it looking like the machine as it was stock, and not cost the $35,000-$40,000 as the Super Modified class. Regis’ knew first off that he needed suspension that could handle the abuse, so he called up his friends at iShock and that’s where the project snowballed. “When I got the call from ‘Andy’ saying he wanted to race his Rhino, I knew immediately what a great opportunity we had on the table”-said Brian Bott, Vice President of iShock. He went on to say “Regis is the perfect match for what iShock stands for. He’s professional. He’s works hard, loves the sport and the people involved with the sport.” After setting Regis up with iShocks F-18 Reservoir Rhino shocks, Brian went on to help arrange meeting’s with some other manufacturers and ultimately ended up with the top names in the industry supporting Regis’ new effort. “I was able to show up at my first ever UTV race and podium, that’s how comfortable I was.” “Knowing I had such good products on my vehicle allowed me to focus on learning how to drive these things.” Said Regis. “I seriously had never raced anything like this and after a couple laps I just really started to feel good. I have to thank iShock, Simpson Racing, Black Rhino Performance, ITP, Custom Decal and HRT Motorsports for all the help with my Rhino, without every one of them this wouldn’t have been possible.” Regis went 4-3 in his moto's earning him 3rd overall in a field of 11.

Regis is scheduled to compete in all Podium Production and M4SX race series as well as a limited number of CORR events. For more information on Regis’ Racing, keep an eye on