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June 1, 2007 8:57am

Escondido, Ca. (Motorcycle Industry – June 1, 2007 - Motorcycle Industry (MIN) The all-in-one news website that provides a single search engine for news, information, and press releases in the Motorcycle Industry, has gone step further and is now providing FREE RSS feeds.

Motorcycle Industry (MIN) gathers headlines from some of the best and most respected websites in the industry and lets the reader run specific searches on their personal reading interests (i.e. Street, Dirt, ATV, Industry, and more).  Now this live and fresh news cane be delivered to your email or posted on your website for FREE.

Benefits of using MIN news feed.
- Self-updating headlines save you time and energy.
- Instantly add value to your site.
- Visitors come back more often, knowing there's always something new.
- Fresh updated content makes search engines crawl your site more often.
- Control the news! Street, Off-Road, ATV only the news you want.

We offer free, self-updating headlines that you quickly plug into your site and forget about forever. Headlines are designed to seamlessly drop into any space, on any page. They mimic the style sheets of your site, making them virtually hassle-free. Check to see a live working sample.

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