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I was hoping, that as a former pro racer, that you could answer a question for me. As I listen to numerous interviews w/ factory and privateers alike that, when asked how they will finish, they say “top 5” or maybe “top 10,” and so on and so on. How come nobody says “I line up to win,” (except maybe James or Ricky).  The last person I have seen in a interveiw who say he could possibly win a few races was Troy Adam's after his femur injury, while on a Pro Circuit 250F. Of course he has not won, but the fact that he lines up believing he can is cool.  You never know,  a massive pile up in the first turn and he gets away? It is not impossible. I respect him for believing that he has a chance everytime he lines up.

Troy felt he could win

photo: Steve Bruhn

Why race if you feel you cannot win? Somehow, some weird way, 99% have  already given up before the gate drops.  You can say you came to win w/o being cocky.

Did you ever feel like a 10th place speed guy but always felt you could, because of some circumstance, win?  All of these pros say I would be happy with a top 5 or top 10, @$%# that! People have always raced to win.

Dear Mike,

Oh, Mike… Passionate, naïve, profane Mike… I like where your heads at and I really love your enthusiasm. I really do. I think there are a good number of riders who believe, blindly or otherwise, that they can win in the Lites class. The truth is that we will probably only see a few different winners all summer but at least another five or six believe that they can win.
     The 450 class, however, is a different story. There are only two riders that think they can win and 38 that know they don’t have a snowball’s chance in Phoenix when they are out there together. I know you think that it is pathetic that at least some of these guys don’t believe but you have to look at the statistics: RC and Bubba have won every motocross race going back quite a ways…. Like, July of 2003.
     Even if you sit on the start line telling yourself that you can win an AMA Motocross National, the sheer mathematics in the thought beg to differ. Try this: Go into your boss’s office believing that he’ll give you a raise if you ask—and ask for a substantial raise. Let’s put your “positive thinking” theory to the test. If he tells you to piss off then you were wrong. If you get a raise then I’ll sign up for a 450 national and tell myself I can win.



With the recent news of male players in other sports "coming out of the closet," are you aware of any riders in our sport looking to take the same direction?  Not that I'm homophobic—I have a gay friend named Carey—but I was just curious if there are any, possibly valid, rumors 'round the pits questioning one of the riders sexuality.
Casey from Indianer

Dear Casey,

As far as I know this sport is hetero-only. Though, to be honest, it’s not something I go around asking about. I mean, maybe Brittney is just a beard for Davi Millsaps? Maybe this whole man-friend phenomenon is just a cover-up for a latent homosexual takeover of the sport? KW and Alley— say it aint so! Tim Ferry and Matthes…Well, if Matthes really had his way, they would probably move into the Castro District together, open a flower shop called “Ferry & Rollerballs’” and spend their afternoons sipping red wine and making floral arrangements for each team’s hospitality area…
     I digress. Just to be safe, tell your boyfriend Carey to stay out of the MX pits. I’ve already lost men’s figure skating and womens tennis to his “team.” Damn you Martina Navratilova!


Dear Racer X,

In regards to Ping and that numbers thing (69 , 420 etc) ask if he is going to tell your MotoGP world champ that he is an A-Hole as he runs 69.  Oh and by the way tell him not to change his writing style, as it is great and I love reading his columns
P.S.  The little vids on (Racer X Motocross Show) is the ducks guts just wish they went longer.

Dear S.T.,

He's #1 now

photo: Andrew Northcott

First of all, this is not a Road Racer X column or I would never have suggested that most riders that run the number 69 are A-Holes. My perspective is only good in the off-road world and I’m sticking to my guns on this one. Additionally, the current Moto GP world champ is from Kentucky and, well, let’s just face it; we give them a little more slack than some of the other states. Nicky does the number proud when he uses it (though he’s #1 right now) and I’m sure there’s no sexual connotation involved. Right, Nick? And what kind of term is the “ducks guts?” That’s about the most disgusting thing I can imagine… (I like it. Can I use that?)


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