Your Collection

May 28, 2007 7:00am

Dear Collectors,

The High Point National this weekend marks the first round of the Motocross Legends Tour with greats like Roger DeCoster and Jeff Stanton. Racer X, Renthal and ourselves (Throttle Jockey) have put together 12 different stickers from some of our sports' greatest. Try and collect them all and get as many autographs as you can as Joe Abbate did on this cool vintage helmet. Thanks again for all of the submissions. Keep them coming!

-Matt Davis, Throttle Jockey

This week's collection comes from Joe Abbate:

"I have photographs of the folloing people signing this helmet: Roger DeCoster, Tony DiStefano, Jimmy Weinert, Bob Hannah, Marty Smith, Jim Pomeroy, Rick Burgett, Gary Jones, Georges Jobe, Brad Lackey, Jeff Smith, Bryar Holcomb, Buck Murphy, Jim Gibson, Broc Glover, Wareen Reid, Mike Bell, Gary Semics, Tom Rapp, Jo Jo Keller, John Savitski, Ron Lechein, Mark Barnett,  Marty Moates, Kent Howerton, Donnie Cantoloupi Tommy Croft, Mickey Kessler, Danny Chandler and Jim Holley." 

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