Launch a Huge Success

May 23, 2007 9:53am

However, some customers got confused with how to get into the MX lines and available MX bets.  To view the MX lines and available bets, players should FIRST, log onto the site and sign in with user name and password or sign up if you have not already.  After signing in, players will be in the lobby where they should click on the “Sportsbook” link. Under the “Motorsports” league will be the MX choices!  Simply check the categories you wish to view and click “Continue” and the chosen categories will be displayed.  We are urging players, who have ANY questions about anything on the site, to call our toll free number.  We are here to assist you and want to make your gaming experience simple and exciting---so please don’t hesitate to call!!

As per customer requests, we will be expanding our deposit methods in an effort to provide customers with a more user-friendly deposit process. We are urging all customers to CALL US BEFORE funding their account for the first time so that we can fully explain the three easy steps.  Again, we are here to assist you and will be happy to walk you through the steps or answer ANY questions you may have.    

PLEASE NOTE that all wagering categories and head-to-head match-ups will be posted on Mondays but the odds for each category will not be posted until Wednesday.  Further, the types of wagers--such as MX Futures and MX Propositions--will continue to expand.

Stay tuned to for the most recent updates and odds.