Thor Report: MXGP ROUND 5, Teutschenthal Germany

Date: 13 May 2007.

MXGP Round 5, Teutschenthal Germany.


Gareth Swanepoel

n a race to be remembered, THOR riders Josh Coppins and Marc De Reuver saw overall GP victory slip through their fingers at the infamous ‘Talkessel’ circuit in Teutschenthal Germany.  Coppins and de Reuver both dominated timed training on Saturday with the New Zealander on pole (his first of the season) closely followed by  Dutchman, de Reuver. The Factory Yamaha Rinaldi duo then went on to annihilate the rest of the field in moto 1 for another 1-2 finish.

While leading the second MX1 moto and looking set for double victory, Coppins hooked false neutral in a sand section and went down handing the lead and virtual GP victory to team-mate de Reuver.  Six laps later, de Reuver  saw his first GP victory hopes disintegrate when he lost his front end after his hand slipped off the bars.  Italian David Philippaerts capitalized on this misfortune to win the GP and overall by 1 point over Steve Ramon and Coppins who tied on points.

Antonio Cairoli dominated the MX2 class once again with two easy moto wins in front of Frenchman Christophe Pourcel.  THOR’s MX2 protagonist, Gareth Swanepoel had a weekend he would rather want to forget.  A broken front wheel in moto 1 and crash in moto 2 saw the South African’s chances of a podium go up in smoke.

The first round of three,  in the Women’s World Cup also kicked off in Teutschenthal.   THOR’s Larissa Papenmeier qualified fastest in Saturday’s timed training in front of her home crowd.   The petit seventeen-year-old  German, who weighs no more than 46kg, grabbed the hole-shot and victory in moto 1 after she was locked in an exciting duel with 2006 cup champion, Katherine Prumm.  Her second moto result of 4th was enough to secure overall victory and the lead in the Women’s World Cup.

With Japan next on the FIM World championship calendar on the 26-27 May, the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturer’s will be rallying for GP honors in Sugo.  Josh Coppins has increased his lead in the MX1 championship to 43 points and will continue to run the red plate in his quest for an MX1 title.

Josh Coppins:

“ This track is so fast which makes the racing really close.   We got our first pole of the year which I was really pumped with and I was happy with my speed and the way I was riding.   I made a mistake in the sand section which was really disappointing. On the bright side I have extended my lead in the championship. It could have been an easy win in the second moto but that’s motocross

Marc De Reuver:

"Even in my junior motocross races did I not give away a race like that! I went into the corner and my right hand slipped off the grip. I don't know why because I always took the same rut. The bike was still running and I picked it up straightaway. I lost only two places and thought that the moto was still there for me but then Ramon pushed me over the berm and just into the fence and everyone in that group went through. I should have won it easily, with 'two fingers in my nose' even. I was riding so smoothly and it was just a stupid thing.”

Josh Coppins

Gareth Swanepoel:

“This has definitely not been my weekend. The first moto was cut short when I hit Jeremy Tarroux and broke the front wheel.   My start was pretty good in the second moto but I went down hard on the first lap and was stone last.  I made pretty good progress through the pack and finished really strong which I was happy about.  I’m looking forward to Japan in two weeks and hope to get back to where I should be.”

Larissa Papenmeier:

“ I never expected to win the GP and I even didn’t expect to qualify on pole.  I have been training hard over the winter and I guess it now shows with this result.  I look forward to the next round in Uddevalla, Sweden.”

Race results:

MX2 Race 1

1        Cairoli, Antonio         ITA     Yamaha

2        Pourcel, Christophe   FRA     Kawasaki

3        Gundersen, Kenneth NOR    Yamaha

4        Rattray, Tyla  RSA    KTM

5        Guarneri, Davide       ITA     Yamaha

6        Leuret, Pascal FRA     Honda

7        Schiffer, Marcus       GER     KTM

8        Seistola, Matti          FIN     Honda

9        Aubin, Nicolas FRA     Yamaha

10      Nunn, Carl      GBR     Yamaha

11      van Horebeek, Jeremy         BEL     KTM

12      Paulin, Gautier          FRA     Honda

13      Simpson, Shaun        GBR     Kawasaki

14      Verbruggen, Dennis   BEL     Yamaha

15      Searle, Tommy         GBR     KTM

DNF     Swanepoel, Gareth  RSA     Kawasaki (THOR)


MX Race 2

1        Cairoli, Antonio         ITA     Yamaha

2        Pourcel, Christophe   FRA     Kawasaki

3        Rattray, Tyla  RSA    KTM

4        Leuret, Pascal FRA     Honda

5        Guarneri, Davide       ITA     Yamaha

6        Aubin, Nicolas FRA     Yamaha

7        Searle, Tommy         GBR     KTM

8        Seistola, Matti          FIN     Honda

9        Avis, Wyatt    RSA    KTM

10      Nunn, Carl      GBR     Yamaha

11      Boissiere, Anthony    FRA     Kawasaki

12      Monni, Manuel ITA     Yamaha

13      van Horebeek, Jeremy         BEL     KTM

14      Gundersen, Kenneth NOR    Yamaha

15        Swanepoel, Gareth  RSA     Kawasaki (THOR)


MX2 World championship standings:

1        Cairoli, A.       ITA     247

2        Pourcel, C.     FRA     181

3        Rattray, Tyla  RSA    180

4        Leuret, Pascal FRA     143

5        Searle, Tommy         GBR     137

6        Aubin, Nicolas FRA     121

7        Gundersen, K. NOR    118

8          Swanepoel, G.          RSA     113 (THOR)

9        Seistola, M.    FIN     104

10      Schiffer, M.    GER     86

11      Boissiere, A.   FRA     67

12      Frossard, S.   FRA     58

13      Monni, Manuel ITA     55

14      Eggens, Erik   NED    54

15      Church, Tom  GBR     53


MX1 Race1

1          Coppins, Joshua       NZL     Yamaha (THOR)

2        de Reuver, Marc       NED    Yamaha

3        Ramon, Steve BEL     Suzuki

4        de Dycker, Ken         BEL     Honda

5        Philippaerts, David     ITA     KTM

6        Strijbos, Kevin          BEL     Suzuki

7        Crockard, Gordon      IRL      Honda

8        Noble, James  GBR     Honda

9        Nagl, Maximilian        GER     KTM

10      Priem, Manuel BEL     TM

11      Anderson, Bradley     GBR     Yamaha

12      Brown, Mike   USA    Honda

13      Leok, Tanel    EST    Kawasaki

14      Barragan, Jonathan   ESP     KTM

15      Desalle, Clement       BEL     Suzuki


MX1 Race2

1        Philippaerts, David     ITA     KTM

2        Pourcel, Sebastien    FRA     Kawasaki

3        Ramon, Steve BEL     Suzuki

4        Strijbos, Kevin          BEL     Suzuki

5        Crockard, Gordon      IRL      Honda

6          Coppins, Joshua       NZL     Yamaha (THOR)

7        Barragan, Jonathan   ESP     KTM

8        de Reuver, Marc       NED    Yamaha

9        Mackenzie, Billy        GBR     Kawasaki

10      Leok, Aigar     EST    Yamaha

11      Brown, Mike   USA    Honda

12      Renet, Pierre A.        FRA     Honda

13      Allier, Thomas FRA     Kawasaki

14      de Dycker, Ken         BEL     Honda

15      Leok, Tanel    EST    Kawasaki



MX1 World championship standings:

1          Coppins, J.    NZL     234 (THOR)

2        Strijbos, K.     BEL     191

3        Ramon, Steve BEL     156

4        de Dycker, Ken         BEL     131

5        Pourcel, S.     FRA     130

6        Barragan, J.   ESP     121

7        Philippaerts, D.         ITA     115

8        de Reuver, M. NED    115

9        Leok, Tanel    EST    112

10      Noble, James  GBR     104

11      Brown, Mike   USA    100

12      Priem, Manuel BEL     81

13      Nagl, M.        GER     80

14      Mackenzie, B. GBR     73

15      Nemeth, Kornel         HUN    66


Women World Cup

1          Papenmeier, Larissa           GER     Honda (THOR)

2        Prumm, Katherine      NZL     Kawasaki

3        Lancelot, Livia          FRA     Kawasaki

4        Franke, Maria GER     Kawasaki

5        Veenstra, Marianne   NED    Honda

6        Adriansson, Sandra   SWE    Suzuki

7        Romlin, Marie  SWE    Yamaha

8        De Mol, Marielle        NED    Yamaha

9        Mann, Elin      SWE    KTM

10      Sjöberg, Sofia SWE    Honda


Race 2

1        Laier, Stephanie       GER     KTM

2        Franke, Maria GER     Kawasaki

3        Lancelot, Livia          FRA     Kawasaki

4          Papenmeier, Larissa           GER     Honda (THOR)

5        Prumm, Katherine      NZL     Kawasaki

6        Mann, Elin      SWE    KTM

7        De Winter, Elien        BEL     Honda

8        Veenstra, Marianne   NED    Honda

9        Adriansson, Sandra   SWE    Suzuki

10      Seidenberg, Jenny     GER     KTM


Women Cup standings:

1          Papenmeier, L.         GER     43 (THOR)

2        Franke, Maria GER     40

3        Lancelot, L.    FRA     40

4        Prumm, K.      NZL     38

5        Veenstra, M.  NED    29

6        Mann, Elin      SWE    27

7        Adriansson, S.          SWE    27

8        Laier, S.        GER     25

9        Romlin, Marie  SWE    24

10      De Mol, M.     NED    22