My First Bike....Scott Burnworth

May 14, 2007 5:04am | by:

This was my first race bike, a 1970 Honda SL70. My dad bought it from my cousin and stripped it of all the lights, metal fenders and anything else that made it street legal.  He fixed it up pretty good, polishing the side cases, adding the plastic front fender, a trick Bassani pipe and handmade number plates.  My dad and uncle thought it would super cool to custom paint the tank (my uncle worked in a body shop). They didn't realize that when you airbrush red & blue spots on top of white, it makes pink & baby blue!  I thought it was cool back then. This photo was taken at the 1974 World Mini Grand Prix at the infamous Indian Dunes Raceway, north of Los Angeles. Needless to say it was a little muddy that day and I don't think I did very well.  I never cared for the mud too much growing up in So.Cal.  I had a lot of good memories on that bike though....

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