EVS RC3 Race Collar

May 9, 2007 11:13am | by:

EVS:  Protection From Head to Toe

Support your neck and avoid injury with EVS race collars.  EVS Race Collars prevent over extension of the neck and are available for adults and youth.  Among the collars, the RC3 Nextar Race Collar offers superior protection against common neck and collarbone injuries.

With the RC3 Nextar Race Collar, EVS is taking race collar technology to the next stage.  This collar features thermal formed rubber connectors that keep the collar in place and attach to most chest protectors.  The RC3 has a unique easy to use front open design, and it is intended to reduce the occurrence of collarbone and neck sprain injuries.

EVS Race Collars provide you with the support to keep you protected while you are having fun!  EVS also offers products such as shoulder, wrist and ankle braces, chest protectors, knee braces, and shin and elbow guards.  Protection from head to toe! Log onto www.motorcyclestuff.com for a dealer near you.