DMXS Tonight


Kevin Windham finally found his groove toward the end of the SX series with two podiums to finish out the season. That is not the year that K-Dub was expecting, but he made a statement on the difficult Las Vegas track and hopes that momentum carries over to the outdoors. Kevin is busy in Cali testing for the transition, but will put the bike on the stand for a few questions from us.

Do you know how you are getting old? When a kid in Vegas asks you who Steve Lamson is during a discussion in the pits. I pushed the kid down and took his slushy while his parents were not looking. No respect for the generations that came before, but that is for another show. Lammy is planning on riding a 125cc two-freakin-stroke at Hangtown and we will pay proper respect to the two-time MX champ tonight on his honorable quest.

Don’t let that Steve Matthes guy fool you. He really is a cool cat behind that surly tone and his sarcastic updates for Racer X Canada, or Racer X Lite as we Americans like to call it. Steve will tell you that it’s all gravy now since his days spinning wrenches for Ferry. He will prepare for Hangtown by rolling into the pits around 11:00 a.m., and looking for the shadiest spot with the best grub. Steve will give us an SX wrap-up like only he can.

Tallon "Lone Wolf" Volland is one of the few riders that had the speed to run with Carmichael on his way up through the ranks. Tallon now works for Scott/Acerbis but we wanted to relive a little more MX history tonight with one of the nicest guys in the pits..then or now.

Jeremy "J-Bone" Albrecht was just added to the line-up for tonight. His last day with Kawasaki was yesterday and he has officially begun his new job as Team Manager for the Joe Gibbs SX Team. J-Bone will break down the team so far as the inevitable NASCAR crossover is official.

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