Moto X America Tour Rolls Through Broome-Tioga


The second stop of the No Fear Moto X America Tour took place at the legendary Broome-Tioga Raceway in Binghamton New York the weekend of May 5-6, 2007. The weather gods were kind to the event (they can be fickle in Upstate New York this time of the year) as sunny skies and 70-deree greeted racers who were still fighting their way through snow but just a few weeks back!

Making the event a somewhat extraordinary affair, the organizers of the fabled circuit opened up the entire National circuit. First raced upon on Sunday, August 24, 1980 (Chuck Sun and Mark Barnett won that day), Broome-Tioga has seen the world’s best riders leave their knobby tire tracks in the hallowed Broome dirt. Thus, rather it was a 50cc pee-wee rider or a local professional, all who participated in the No Fear Moto X America Tour in New York raced upon the same track so many professional riders who have gone down in history.

The impressive turnout of riders of all ages, disciplines and skill levels filling-out the Broome-Tioga pit area made for great, highly-competitive race action.

For instance, the fiercely fought Schoolboy class featured some of the best battles all weekend. Michael Stryker and Sunny Drak left the gate, raced around the first turn and ultimately put on a great show on the sweeping, perfectly groomed track, passing each other countless times in both motos. Stryker appeared to have the overall win in his gloved hand while leading the charge in the second moto, but was forced to remove his goggles while racing up one of the colossal uphills, and in doing so, lost just enough time to let Sunny Drak flash by and take the overall. The Motocross Open class raced together with the Schoolboy division and it was John Lawrence holding sway, thoroughly dominating both motos to snake the overall. Trevor Shaffer ruled the 65cc 10-11 class, although Brandon Miller kept Shaffer firmly affixed in his sites in both races, waiting to pounce should Shaffer falter. In the 85cc 12-13 class, Kyle Bitterman rode the wheels off his Honda in both motos, proving to all who watched him that he was one of the fastest riders of the weekend. As is the premise of the No Fear Moto X America Tour, all are welcome — especially young, more inexperienced riders. A perfect example was youngster Damon Whimple. A first timer in every sense of the two words, Whimple and his tiny minicycle were just as concerned with the Broome-Tioga hills as they were with the competition, but young man and machine prevailed, making it over the top, ready to take on — and achieve — his next set of goals in racing. Eight Pros showed up to do battle for the 150% payback at Broome-Tioga. John Lawrence was blazing fast in both motos, getting tuned up for what will be his AMA National Motocross Championship debut later this summer. Showing the speed he will need when he makes his debut in the National this summer, Lawrence won both motos, but had to fight off the advanced of RJ Reynolds. Reynolds holeshot both motos, and although he allowed Lawrence past in both motos, he kept him honest, riding just beyond Lawrence’s shadow.

And this is only but a snapshot off all the racing that took place at the No Fear Moto X America Tour at Broome-Tioga. If you were on-hand and want to read more about it and check out the results, as well as see a litany of photos and videos, just tap in the website