New Contest and Digital Editions!


Don’t miss our latest contest with DVS Shoes – a chance to win an autographed set of Carey Hart’s new clothing line. Click here more information.

We also have a new way for you to get your monthly fix from Racer X – the Racer X Illustrated Digital Edition! Are you sick of waiting by your mailbox for the new issue to arrive? Subscribe to Racer X Digital and a link with the new issue will be emailed to you the day after the magazine ships from the printer. You’ll be reading your favorite magazine weeks ahead of time, and it’s only $14.98!

This new format is key for our international readers – the digital edition will save you $30 off of the regular subscription price! No more waiting and wondering when the new issue will arrive – you will see it the same day as everyone else in the world, for the same price.

Still enjoy the print magazine but want the digital edition too? We also offer combination pricing so you don’t miss out on either.

Go here to order yours today!