Student Planning New Company


Female student plans to put her education to practice by pursuing her own company

RIVERSIDE, CA (April 24, 2007)--- Amanda Vargas, a business student in her third year at California Baptist University, plans to use her education to fulfill her passion in a male-dominated industry.

Vargas, who will be going into her senior year this coming fall is majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and knows her reason for her degree she is working towards obtaining. She has a strong interest in motorsports, her passion being motocross, which she has some experience in riding, but her heart is mostly in the business side of the industry. Her goal is to establish her own company based on motorsports, yet what drives her is the female image in this male-dominated industry.

“What my passion and ideas are about is the fact that women are not being heard in this industry, we aren’t established as riders. I want to move the focus away from our bodies and to our talent and our love for riding. Much of like the world around us, women aren’t known for who they are, but what they look like. The respect is hardly there in this industry for women, so why not try to establish it?” Amanda said when asked about what she wants her company to mean. Although the industry is changing and there are women who have pioneered the way, according to Vargas, she continued on to say, “It is no where were it could be. I still get surprised when I see women’s gear in a shop, more so when I see an ad in a motocross magazine promoting that gear. It gets me excited because I see the potential of change.”

The company, as mentioned briefly before, will be based in the motorsports industry, having an emphasis on motocross, but also catering to the vehicle aspect of the industry. “The idea is one big shop”, Vargas said. Details are still a work in process, but plans are big for Vargas and her upcoming company. Along with this idea, Vargas will try her skills at an exclusive female gear line for women and girls who ride motocross. What will be different in her gear line is the edginess of women who ride will be displayed. Vargas went on to say, “Just because women ride it doesn’t mean that we have to be placed on two different ends of the spectrum. Women can be “girly” to a point, yet hardcore about riding. We don’t need just pink, purple, and light blue to describe who we are… not all girls like that. Just because we want to be recognized as riders, female riders at that, it doesn’t mean we want to be “girly”. Through this company, hopefully it will provide what women riders want.”

Vargas would like to launch her companies soon after she graduates, but she admits, “I don’t know all details yet, especially as far as time goes. It’ll work out thought, I have faith in that.” So keep a look out for her in the future!

It’s not usual that college students are able to find what they are interested in and apply it to what they are learning about. Yet it is rare when students are directly able to apply their education to what they want to do in their futures, and know that their passions can directly correlate to their careers.