Supersports Announces Amateur Program For July 7th AMA Supermoto in Detroit

April 28, 2007 9:54am

Pro track opened up to card-carrying AMA members to come try out the sport of supermoto!

WATERFORD, Mich., (April 27, 2007) – The 2007 Detroit Supermoto at Waterford Hills Raceway, Round Four of the AMA Supermoto Championship, has expanded its program this year include amateur racing on the pro track exclusive to AMA members.

“You know last year, when we were getting the track set up on this spectacular sports car racing facility, I had the opportunity to go out on my supermoto bike and put in some laps,” said race promoter Tom Zielinski of Supersports. “All I could think of was ‘Man, I’ve got to let all my buddies come out and do this next year.’”

Well, one thing led to another, and Zielinski’s “buddies” turned into pretty much anybody with a supermoto spec bike and AMA card.

“The supermoto track at Waterford Hills Raceway is just too much fun to keep to the pros,” said Zielinski. “So this year we’re opening it up to everybody.”

Supersports, located in Waterford, Mich., will soon add a page to its website that will allow dirt bike owners to update their bikes with the basic means necessary to race on amateur day. No need to invest in $1,500 leathers, over-sized rotors made of high grade unobtanium and everything else the tricked-out pro bikes have.

“From head-to-toe safety equipment from EVS Ballistic jerseys and skateboard-style knee pads, elbow and hip pads, you can basically come out and race in jeans and a long sleeve T-shirt,” said Zielinski. “Our goal is to introduce as many motocrossers as we can to the sport of supermoto – from a participatory angle. And at the same time allowing technically nothing more than swapping out some tires in our Sportsman class!”

Keep an eye out on’s website for the Detroit Supermoto “Pimp My MX Bike” page, including everything you’ll need to modify your dirt bike in order to race amateur day July 7th.

With camping available the Detroit Supermoto amateur race can easily be a destination for motocross enthusiasts. Entries are limited, so grab a buddy and sign up now on

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