Seattle Practice Report

April 28, 2007 4:22pm
Rain has plagued the Seattle Supercross for the last few years, but the weather is about perfect this time around. That doesn’t mean rain won’t be a factor, though. The dirt was already wet when it was trucked into the stadium, and riders here on Thursday (for press day) commented how the surface reminded them of Jello. It’s drier now, but there are still a ton of ruts out there, and that makes for very rough going, especially through the rhythm sections.

            Kawasaki riders are the favorites here again, with Ryan Villopoto and James Stewart turning in the fastest times in the 250F and 450 classes, respectively. Look for the usual suspects chasing Stewart, riders Reed, Ferry, Windham and Tedesco, plus Andrew Short keeps getting stronger every week and would love to extract some revenge on the stadium that cost him the West Lites Championship a year ago. Grant Langston is also back tonight after missing last weekend’s race with kidney stones. Davi Millsaps hurt his hand last weekend in a crash with Paul Carpenter, but he says he’s fine tonight. And expert observer Steve Matthes just informed me that Millsaps pulled off a triple through the center of the rhythm section. Then Stewart pulled over to look that jump over, and Millsaps made sure to double through their while James was watching him.

            Oddly, once again Reed is just a hair off the pace in practice, just like he was in Detroit when he failed to even snag his usual qualifying spot behind Stewart. But even after only posting the fifth-fastest time in Detroit practice, he came back to take second in the main. He’s hoping to do the same tonight. Then again, there’s some highly-priced talent who has yet to bag a 450 podium this year, and those guys should be motivated.

            The Lites pack is close, with Martin Davalos, Josh Hill, Josh Grant and Jason Lawrence all running fast times. It’s almost like the West riders didn’t take ten weeks off.

            Weather should be clear all night, but the ruts aren’t going anywhere. Should make for some unpredictable racing, but, all James Stewart has to do is finish ninth tonight to wrap up his first AMA Supercross Title. Tune into to hear the Supercross Live! webcast and hear some history, or check out the CBS Broadcast tomorrow at noon EST, or 9 a.m. out here.