My First Bike...Gary Semics

April 25, 2007 12:04pm | by:

Actually this is my second bike. The camera wasn't invented yet when I had my first bike. My dad bought this bike for me when I was 13. It was a new 1967 160cc Honda Scrambler; kind of a dual-sport version of the 60s. A friend, Lee, who had just gotten his driver's license was riding it while I was riding on the back of a 305 Honda Super Hawk with another guy, Charley. We were on the highway on our way home from climbing hills in the strip mines. Well, Lee accidentally ran into us, and we were scattered all over the highway; ambulance ride to the hospital and all. My dad gave me the belt good for that one; I wasn't even supposed to be on the highway with the bike. After several weeks, he had cooled off and had the bike striped for off-road use only. The photo is with the first trophy I even won. It's a third-place from a local hillclimb. Shortly after that, I found out about motocross, and I was hooked for good.