Leatt Announces Initial Dealer Network

The Leatt Corporation, makers of the Leatt Brace, is excited to announce an initial nationwide dealer network. With the support of  industry leaders like Racer X, Leatt is working closely with many dealers across the United States to get this amazing product into the hands of their customers.

Geoff Patterson of Leatt Corporation explains, “We believe it essential to get our product into a established dealer network as quickly as possible. Customers need to be able to see and feel the braces quality before they purchase it. With a knowledgeable team of dealers demonstrating the braces features, and safety innovations, customers will be able to do just that!”

The following list is the first round of dealers that Leatt has chosen to represent the Moto GPX across the US. Many more dealers will be added soon. For more information on our dealer program, please contact Leatt at www.leatt-brace.com. Or call our toll free number at 800.691.3314.

Since its introduction into the United States in 2006, the Moto GPX has changed the way motorcycle riders look at protection.  After David Bailey's “Stand for Something” video, safety became the number one thing on the motorcycle communities minds.  Never before has this industry seen such a acceptance of a product like the Leatt Brace Moto GPX. Dr. Chris Leatt created a product that has already saved the lives of many, many riders.  From top pros, to the early beginner, the Leatt Brace has offered protection that no rider should do without!