My First Bike...Forrest Butler Jr

April 21, 2007 8:23pm | by:

Forrest Jr. turned 7 months this past weekend and I realized there have not been any pics of him sent out in about the last five months!  He is growing fast (22 lbs.) and spends just about enough time watching two-wheel-related activities.  He also just spent Easter weekend riding around on four-wheelers with his cousins on a friend’s ranch. This is all not going along with my plan for him to play ball for the Gators and then move into the NFL!
But while walking through K-Mart today, this tricycle looked like he could fit it (most toy bikes, including the one I bought him at 3 months, have the handlebars and seat too far apart for him to reach), so I sat him down on it.  He instantly grabbed the bars and looked up at me with the biggest smile, which melted daddy's heart. 
So here he is on his second bike, but his first real one (real because the frame is actually metal and not plastic!).  He loves it already and also already flipped it in the living room so hard he made the floor thump.  All he did was look up and start laughing because he thought it was so funny - the living room has soft carpet, people, I'm not that dumb.