Blake Wharton Wins KTM Five Titles in Vegas

April 17, 2007 6:24am

KTM’s Jr. SX/MX Racing Team rider, Blake Wharton, won an impressive five championships at the World Mini Grand Prix.  What makes his feat even more astounding is that he won his championships on three different bikes.  Wharton took home the gold on the 105SX, 250SX-F and the 450SX-F proving that KTM Sportmotorcycles are truly built “ready to race” no matter what bike you choose to compete on. 

Overall KTM riders gathered eleven championships wins.  In addition to Wharton’s five titles, North Carolina’s Cooper Webb swept the 65 9-11 Stock and Modified classes as well as the 65 Open.  Arizona’s Mark Worth won the 65 Stock 6-8 title.  KTM Amateur Support Rider Jacob Hayes grabbed the 85 12-13 Stock title and ex-world Champion Trampas Parker won the overall in the Plus 30 A class.  Congratulations to all KTM riders that participated at the World Mini!


65 Stock 6-8 – Mark Worth
65 Mod 9-11 – Cooper Webb
65 Stock 9-11 – Cooper Webb
65 Open 9-11 – Cooper Webb
85 Stock 12-13 – Jacob Hayes
Supermini – Blake Wharton
125/250 Schoolboy – Blake Wharton
250 Stock Intermediate – Blake Wharton
450 Stock Intermediate – Blake Wharton
450 Mod Intermediate – Blake Wharton
Plus 30 A – Trampas Parker