FIM, AMA and Youthstream: One For All, All For One

BELLPUIG, 15 April 2007- Yesterday, Saturday the 14th of April, in Bellpuig, FIM, AMA and Youthstream met the press to introduce them to some important aspects that they are working on.

Motocross is already a very important sport, and it is growing stronger year by year. Such a significant growth brings new needs and new ideas, that FIM, AMA and Youthstream will try to develop together in the near future.

The idea of change is part of this growth, but now it is time to act, and make the dreams come true.

For this reason, the three parties are very close. They focus on the same goals, and have the same ideas about the way Motocross should be developed. 

Some representatives of the worldwide press met FIM, AMA and Youthstream representatives this weekend

In their meeting with the most important representatives of the worldwide press, CMS/FIM President Dr. Wolfgang Srb, AMA Pro Racing Director Steve Whitelock, and Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo explained their common ideas on the future of Motocross.

-Motocross has to be a very accessible sport. The two-stroke machines can reduce the costs dramatically for young and non-professional riders, who can easily race Motocross even with a low budget.

There should be less gap between the classes. A rider should easily pass from one class to another, once he has made enough experience in that class. This class structure will allow the riders to follow a progressive growth.

-The UEM European Motocross Championship is a perfect example for both points; the continental series focuses on the two stroke machines, and is a good preparation for the riders aiming at the World Championship

-The power of the bikes should be slightly reduced, by using smaller engines.

-The FIM Motocross World Championship-MX3 will have overseas rounds from 2008.

FIM, AMA and Youthstream explained that the Manufacturers’ involvement is vital for the success of the sport; the Manufacturers –that are represented by MSMA (Motorcycle Sport Manufacturer Association)- will become more involved in the decision-making process, together with FIM, AMA and Youthstream.

There will be more cooperation in the near future. A very important meeting was held on Friday, April 13, between MSMA, FIM, AMA and Youthstream; during this meeting, the participants talked about the ideas explained above.

It was followed by another meeting of the Motocross Grand Prix Commission -that was made of CMS/FIM President Dr. Wolfgang Srb, MSMA Representatives Takanao Tsubouchi and Winfried Kerschhaggl, and Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo- on Saturday morning. Also AMA Pro Racing Director Steve Whitelock was invited and took part in the meeting.

MSMA will announce a concrete proposal by the end of June.

This year’s FIM Motocross of Nations is another important project involving FIM, AMA and Youthstream. The 61st edition of the “Olympics of Motocross” will be held in the United States, at Budds Creek, on 23rd of September.

CMS/FIM President Dr. Wolfgang Srb stated: “It was an excellent meeting. For the first time since many years, we had FIM, AMA, and our promoter Youthstream altogether at the same table, going towards the same direction, talking about the future, and talking about harmonizing the rules. I am absolutely happy about this meeting, and I am happy that we could present our ideas to many press members. This is a strong force, and it is concentrated on one direction.”

From left to right: MSMA Representative Takanao Tsubouchi, AMA Pro Racing Director Steve Whitelock, Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo, CMS/FIM President Wolfgang Srb and MSMA Representative Winfried Kerschaggl

AMA Pro Racing Director Steve Whitelock said: “Today we arrived to a good understanding between FIM, AMA and Youthstream. Giuseppe Luongo’s organization is a good partner to the FIM, and my promoter’s group was a good partner to the AMA. We have to work together, and bring harmony in the world of Motocross to make it grow bigger bigger and bigger.”

Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo said: “I want to thank FIM and Dr. Wolfgang Srb, AMA Pro Racing and Steve Whitelock, for this fantastic weekend of work. We did many things, and I think this is a historical day for our sport: we are all in the same line, fighting for the same interests, and what we achieved today is just great. We will keep working like this! I have a final message: do not miss the Motocross of Nations, you will see everything come true over there!”