Coppins Wins Spanish MXGP

Factory Yamaha Rinaldi rider, Josh Coppins, has dominated the second round of the FIM Motocross World championships in Bellpuig, Spain.   Rain showers on Saturday forced organizers to cancel the qualification sessions which meant riders only had an a combined warm up and timed training session to get accustomed to the muddy circuit. 

Coppins posted second fastest time and rolled onto the line for the first moto with confidence.  He just missed out on the hole-shot to American, Mike Brown, however it didn’t take the Kiwi long to take over the lead and build a comfortable cushion.  Coppins controlled the race from the front and took the first victory with 20 seconds to spare.

Powering his YZ450F to the hole-shot in moto 2,  Coppins was unchallenged as he put his head down and once again worked on a steady lead.   A faultless ride saw the New Zealander cruise to his first double victory of the season to take maximum points.

“I’m really happy with the result today. After Valkenswaard we worked on a whole bunch of little things and these have definitely helped.  The Yamaha has been really awesome on the hard circuits so I came into this race with a lot of confidence and a good feeling. The weather made the track conditions difficult and one-lined and I knew it was important to get a good start.  I need to stay focused and take this momentum through to Portugal next weekend” explained Coppins.

Coppins will return to  Belgium for a few days before heading to Agueda in Portugal with a 19 point lead in the MX1 World championship.

Race results:

MX1 Race 1:

1        Coppins, Joshua       NZL     Yamaha

2        Strijbos, Kevin          BEL     Suzuki

3        Ramon, Steve          BEL     Suzuki

4        Barragan, Jonathan   ESP     KTM

5        Nagl, Maximilian        GER     KTM

6        de Dycker, Ken         BEL     Honda

7        Nemeth, Kornel         HUN    Suzuki

8        Philippaerts, David     ITA     KTM

9        Leok, Tanel    EST    Kawasaki

10      Noble, James  GBR     Honda

11      Pourcel, Sebastien    FRA     Kawasaki

12      Brown, Mike   USA    Honda

13      Coulon, Cyrille FRA     Honda

14      de Reuver, Marc       NED    Yamaha

15      Allier, Thomas FRA     Kawasaki


MX1 Race 2

1          Coppins, Joshua       NZL     Yamaha

2        Nagl, Maximilian        GER     KTM

3        Strijbos, Kevin          BEL     Suzuki

4        Pourcel, Sebastien    FRA     Kawasaki

5        Mackenzie, Billy        GBR     Kawasaki

6        Barragan, Jonathan   ESP     KTM

7        Leok, Tanel    EST    Kawasaki

8        Philippaerts, David     ITA     KTM

9        de Dycker, Ken         BEL     Honda

10      de Reuver, Marc       NED    Yamaha

11      Allier, Thomas FRA     Kawasaki

12      Priem, Manuel BEL     TM

13      Brown, Mike   USA    Honda

14      Leok, Aigar     EST    Yamaha

15      Ramon, Steve BEL     Suzuki

MX1 World championship standings:

1          Coppins, J.    NZL     97

2        Strijbos, K.     BEL     78

3        Barragan, J.   ESP     74

4        Nagl, M.        GER     63

5        Ramon, Steve BEL     63

6        de Dycker, Ken         BEL     61

7        de Reuver, M. NED    53

8        Leok, Tanel    EST    43

9        Noble, James  GBR     40

10      Brown, Mike   USA    36

11      Pourcel, S.     FRA     36

12      Mackenzie, B. GBR     29

13      Priem, Manuel BEL     28

14      Nemeth, Kornel         HUN    27

15      Philippaerts, D.         ITA     26