My First Bike: Scott Logan


Do you remember when you got your first bike? For most of us, it’s one of the best days of our lives. Thanks to the support of our friends at Spy Optics, we have a Saturday column called “My First Bike.” The subject of this week’s column is Scott Logan, who has fond memories of his first bike, which sparked his passion for racing motorcycles.

"This was my first bike, the 1971 Honda MiniTrail Z50. A gentleman that worked with my dad at the paper mill had two used minibikes for sale outside his home in a little tin shed, this Honda and a purple Rupp Roadster. Both were mint, and after a quick look-see, it became clear that I would choose the Honda. It's pictured here piloted by my brother, Garry, age 9, after being handed down to him. Helmet unstrapped, no goggles, huge work gloves that belonged to our dad...and slippers. Yikes! I remember its almost silent clock - like putt-putt sound at idle, its cool three-speed tranni, riding after dark using its lights, and its ignition key - which I was asked to temporarily surrender to Dad on numerous occasions. I remember, too, how the automatic tranni allowed me to hold down the shift lever, grab a handful, and then let up on the shift lever to pop a wheelie. And with that began a long string of lawn divits, which dad also appreciated. That little machine took a harsh and sustained beating. Like an old friend, I'll never forget my MiniTrail Z50. It was more than a first bike... it was magic."

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