CMRC M-X Opener at Gopher Dunes - April 15

Well, our spring weather sure has been interesting to say the least! First the above seasonal temperatures that rose to over 20C back in March allowing for a quick & early ground thaw & then just in time for our CMRC Sanctioned Practice on April 1st. the rains decided to move in. Many riders chose to come out for practice a day earlier to avoid Sunday's forecasted heavy rain, but other than a quick morning downpour and then a few more scattered showers, it turned out to be a very pleasant sunny day reaching 17C. The combined weekend total saw almost 300 anxious riders ready to hit the dirt & test & tune their bikes & riding skills.
Then by the time we reached the end of the week, ol' man winter decided to return with flurries & blustery cold winds that started to play havoc to one of our biggest events of the year --- our Annual Good Friday 4x4 MudFest. All the planning and preparation was nearing completion, the fencing was in place and we just needed some favourable weather to bring out the crowds --- but not even the snow and frigid cold weather could keep the determined & hardy mud-boggers at home! With a record 352 trucks & 4x4 vehicles of all shapes, sizes and values, even included a 4x4 Cadillac Limo! They were all out for some mud-slingin' dirty good fun, challenging the mud pits, moguls, rock climb & trails.  Although the spectator crowd was down this spring, there were no regrets for those that came!
Gopher Dunes will still be open for practice riding on Tuesday, April 10 & Wednesday, April 11 (from 11am to 7pm).  We will then be closed for 3 days to prep for this Sunday's Opener CMRC Motocross & ATV Race.  See details below....
The trails are still closed for a few more weeks until conditions improve. 
The tracks will be open again for practice riding from April 16 to 21, and then on Sunday, April 22 we are hosting a Steel City Club Race which is for SCR members only!
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