Number Cruncher Redux: #81


Mike Alessi

photo: Davey Coombs

Here's a photo of #81 Mike Alessi back when he was riding for Team Green--with the famous "2007" on the back of his Fox pants. What might seem strange about this now is not that Mikey arrived a little early on the pro circuit, but that given his customary #800 and little brother Jeff's #801, one would think it's Jeff running the 81, not Mike. 

Bob Moore

photo: Davey Coombs

And finally, here's a photo I snapped of Bob Moore back in 1992 when he rode for Chesterfield Yamaha. I went to visit Bob and his American teammate Donny Schmit, plus Trampas Parker, Mickey Dymond, Mike Healey and Bader Manneh, at the first two 250cc Grand Prix races of the season. That was a great time for Americans on the GP circuit, and Schmit -- who was dressed in identical white gear to Bob Moore's -- ended up taking the title away from Parker. Moore, who was on the GP circuit longer than anyone in that generation, would later win the 125cc GP title for Chesterfield, albeit while wearing black and riding with #76.
Anyway, just a few #81s I wanted to pass along.

Dan Lohrenz's Yamaha

I too chose the #81 based off of the year I was born. It's not a national number and I'm no pro, but the attached bike sporting the #81 has logged me some podium time in the 125 Intermediate class. I can't think of any pro #81s other than the ones you listed. I just wanted to say thanks for representing the big 8-1!
Love the column, keep it up!
Dan Lohrenz #81
Omaha, NE

Just read Number Cruncher for #81. Here's one for you. Back in the early ‘70s (not sure what year) Steve Wise was #81 - his first top 100 national number. I believe he was riding a factory Kawasaki with that number.
Rodney Womack

Bill Eddy

My dad, Bill Eddy, has been #81 for the last 30 years.

Billy Eddy

Alex Puzar


Alex PUZAR in 1995 GP Bellpiug (E) , in this year the great Italian rider wins the world championship in the 125 class.

Bobby Moore, again.


Bob Moore in 1992 , è arrived 2nd in MXgp in this year

Danny Theybers


Danny Theybers in mxgp 1994 cl. 500.

Daniele Sinatra